Adient Technologies adopted a slew of steps to enable Work from Anywhere


Adient Technologies adopted a slew of steps to enable Work from Anywhere

Yogesh Dadke
IT Leader – Global Control & Compliance, Adient Technologies LLP


Key priorities for 2021
I would approach it as a four step process from ideation to business management digitally.
1. Digital ideation and delivery: Identify, test and scale the most benefiting digital business ideas 
    within budget.
2. Digital foundation block: Manage digital approach horizontally and vertically cross-cutting 
     platforms and integration.
3. Traditional IT management: (rip/replace/retire) legacy infrastructure, security and core enterprise.
4. General business management: Work with business leaders to formalize organization’s approach 
    to digital business transformation and build the digital dexterity of leaders.


With the rapid rate of digital transformation changing the face of enterprises globally, the role of the CIO is also transforming. Insular IT management is a thing of the past, with CIOs now an essential in the C-suite, educating and guiding business leaders on ownership of critical digital responsibilities to help accelerate digital business progress.


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
COVID Response:

●   Enabling Work from Home, implemented VDI and Windows remote desktop capabilities for the Product Development team. Engineers were able to 
     work from home at about 97% efficiency within a week from the pandemic
●  Setup a dedicated VPN connection point in India, which significantly improved CAD performance for the 2500+ Engineers at India
●  Communication, Health & Safety initiatives: Implemented full online return to work survey at manufacturing plants and technical centers, saving 
    significant time and risk of exposure by eliminating long lines.
●  Reacting to COVID affected the economy, implemented lights-on mode with no impact to business operations during pandemic, resulting in $2M 
     cost savings.
●  Implemented Chatbot/AI/Cloud/Automation/CICD for efficient IT support practices. By shift left to ChatBOT and implementing RPA and effective 
     knowledge management system eliminated Helpdesk L1 support and reduced L2 by 60%.
●  Implemented Rapid Application Development platform, this helped in expediting solution delivery 5X. It also helped with creating the perfect co-
    creation environment and culture to develop for-purpose applications at a rapid pace.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
The Must have; the need to have and good to have is always a part of short term and long term plans. However as no compromise to security and no compromise on business impact; always strong focus on basics remains as part of our strategy.


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