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Newer Technology Solutions To Ensure Business Continuity During COVID-19


Newer Technology Solutions To Ensure Business Continuity During COVID-19

Many organisations are working in India by turning the present crisis into an opportunities as the Nations across the Globe have gone into lockdown and people are struggling to find ways to fight the disease and its spread. The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted markets all over the world, and the electronics sector is no exception. Almost all product families contributed to this negative result. 


We have witnessed the huge positive impact of Work From Home (WFH) on organizational survivability, enabled by technology, at Global Scale. Overnight, millions of white- collar executives switched mode and continued to remain hugely productive. In fact most employees are working longer hours and much harder. No longer distracted by arduous business trips, the intellectual output has gone up several notches.

IT Hardware vendors, network service providers, services firms, all came together instantaneously and instinctively, without any formal structures, to deliver excellence. The resilience of our technology infrastructure is being tested in real time and it has even left the naysayers truly impressed.

 # Organisations who have largely depended on physical mechanisms of engaging with customers are turning to digital mechanisms.

# New Product Launches, whether they are mobile phones or automobiles have moved to Digital Channels. In a click of the mouse, customers can acquire aspirational products, quicker than a pizza.

# Services organisations are reaching out to potential customer to “pitch” their products over video calls. 

# Physical Engagement Channels are being replaced with Digital. Education, Entertainment, Partying has all moved Online. 

# Manufacturing will embrace Factory 4.0 quicker than ever before. A boon for customers, who will get tailor made “ everything.” Physical stores will have a Virtual twin. 


Whatever the best technology or architecture one develops, with the best of class technology in the world, it depends on the platforms acceptability to run in their system or not , presently is with Android and Apple and by respecting the  Policy of the platforms of Google and Android, there has to be a third party and neutral service provider to evaluate , Since the owner of the mobile phone is the owner who wons the phone, and he will decide which app he wants run or not. There is  a serious need of the Democratisation of App .


Lastly, Businesses need new solutions to ensure business continuity in the current economic climate, recover quickly and ensure operational resilience beyond COVID-19.


One of the greatest barriers to digital transformation is not technological. It is human resistance to change. Within an enterprise, a wholesale culture shift is needed for digitalisation to take hold and be used to its full efficiency-boosting potential.


The COVID-19 pandemic and associated upsurge in remote working has expanded the threat landscape for all enterprises. The security of communications and collaboration tools is highly productive for strengthening digital infrastructure to deal with the impact of COVID-19 and Better integration of Artificial Intelligence in to the public health response should be a priority.


Lastly, we can stop Chinese interference on 5G by correct implementation of public procurement (make in India) policy’s clause 10d. As the Government tries to have Atmanirbhar Bharat, 5G manufacturing in India even by Nokia and Ericsson taking advantage of the Production Linked Incentive Scheme for the Telecom sector is a workable solution

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