IceWarp positioning itself as a disruptor in the Email and collaboration solutions space


IceWarp positioning itself as a disruptor in the Email and collaboration solutions space

Pramod Sharda  
CEO - IceWarp India and Middle East


Post pandemic, the digital evolution has evolved. With most organizations adopting hybrid workplaces, work from anywhere culture has boomed up and the requirement for Email, TeamChat, Conferences, Documents with collaborative editing and much more has grown.   
IceWarp gives users access to their workplace with simplicity with their all-in-one web client. This is what makes IceWarp today the preferred choice of CIO’s & ITDMs and as a true alternative to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. 


As the IT industry in India continues to evolve and expand, collaboration will undoubtedly play a crucial role in anticipating future growth. By fostering strong partnerships between businesses, governments, educational institutions, and technology experts alike, the industry can create an ecosystem that is conducive to innovation and progress. With greater communication and collective visioning happening across these sectors - from education programmes designed with input from leading tech entrepreneurs through to government policies informed by insights from top business leaders – it can be better forecasted where technological advancements are headed next in order to stay ahead of the curve. Ultimately, it is only through this kind of open dialogue that it can be ensured that India’s IT industry remains at the forefront of global innovation for years to come.   
Post pandemic organizations have realized that work from anywhere enabling has to be done for users and that has brought in the growth of Email and Collaboration market. This has truly enabled Digital Today organizations worldwide to ensure that there is availability of basic email with video conferencing, video calling, IM chat capabilities with additional features like working together in groups, to be able to communicate and collaborate seamlessly within the teams and the outside world.   
IceWarp as a disruption to the market is bringing in the best of both worlds with Hybrid solutions wherein frontline workers in any organization can be empowered with its basic plans of Secured Email and of course it’s other plans which fit into the requirement of advanced features of collaboration and furthermore advanced security aspects being covered. 


Businesses that put their customers at the center of everything they do are better placed to win and retain loyal customers. This means investing in understanding what drives customers’ behaviour, preferences, and pain points to customize one’s offerings accordingly. It also necessitates creating seamless experiences across all touchpoints while being responsive to feedback and complaints promptly.   
In short, adopting a customer-focused approach goes a long way in winning the hearts (and wallets) of consumers today!   
IceWarp has always believed in innovation and that too with the inputs received from its end users/customers who have always helped the brand to look at the kind of work scenarios and use cases they come across on a day-to-day basis. IceWarp has always strived to provide this as part of its offerings to its customer which makes the brand stand apart. IceWarp helps customers to be enabled with tools and features that keep them connected with external partners, customers and vendors and collaborate with them with ease.  
IceWarp’s Development team who sits in Prague office is always trying to innovate and bring in capabilities that the customers are asking for. 


When large enterprises look for an Email and Collaboration solution, they turn towards the known brands like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace who are basically high on features but they are high on price too. However, the market is full of home-grown solutions which are low on price but low on features. 
IceWarp here comes as a disruption in the market as it is high on features making it a true alternative to M365 and GWS and also helps customers bring down their TCO by almost 50-60% with the philosophy of pay for what you use. Due to this factor, IceWarp is being approached by a lot of Mid Enterprise & Enterprise customers across verticals for adopting its Email and collaboration solutions. IceWarp has packaged and positioned itself to help organizations provision plans as per their need and departmental use case.   

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