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Dell Technologies launches new AI-powered commercial PC portfolio in India


Dell Technologies launches new AI-powered commercial PC portfolio in India

Dell Technologies has launched the broadest portfolio of commercial AI laptops and mobile workstations in India. These new PCs are designed to bring organizations and employee productivity into the AI era. The latest Latitude portfolio is equipped with up to Intel Core Ultra 7 processors, with the 5000 series also available in configurations with up to 13th Gen Intel Core i7-1355U processors. The new Precision portfolio delivers the performance needs of power users, developers and beyond, powered by up to Intel® Core™ Ultra 9 processors.


The new cutting-edge AI technology in the PCs can help increase agility of the hybrid workforce, enhance productivity, security and seamless collaboration. The new integrated multi-processor package with CPU, GPU and NPU can help offload AI workloads to the xPU, a versatile AI engine. This integration delivers superior performance and prolonged battery life. The additional Copilot Key in the new portfolio allows users to have instant access to their AI companion.


Dell Optimizer AI-based software is also further improved. Now, it uses up to 18% less power while operating in the background with features like Intelligent Audio and Network Optimization that enhance and customize work outputs.


Indrajit Belgundi, Senior Director and General Manager, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies India, said, “Dell commercial PCs have been fueling transformation for decades, and the advancements in AI capabilities in our latest generation of devices will help our customer's workforce a leg up on the competition to lead their industry into the AI era. The new Latitude and Precisions delivers AI-enhanced productivity and collaboration for business professionals in the hybrid work era. As the AI landscape evolves, our new commercial portfolio empower our customers and their workforce with performance, highest security, portability, and sustainability, further helping them navigate the complexities of modern work environments with confidence and ease.”


Built-in security being paramount, these devices include hardware and firmware features that make it easier to prevent modern cyberattacks. The built-in vulnerability detection feature further enhances the defenses by allowing the device to scan for publicly reported security flaws and provide recommendations. With the latest off-host BIOS verification, users can further minimize their exposure to threats.


The new Latitude portfolio delivers the essence of AI

The modern workplace is experiencing a significant shift due to the swift progress of technology. Artificial Intelligence and automation are simplifying mundane tasks, allowing workers to dedicate their energy to more strategic endeavors demanding creativity and computing prowess. Designed for executives, salespeople and consultants, the Latitude 9450 2-in-1 is the world’s smallest 14-inch commercial PC. Featuring a stunning 16:10 InfinityEdge QHD+ display, it is packed with a host of innovative capabilities and is the only commercial PC in the world with a Zero-Lattice Keyboard and Haptic Collaboration Touchpad. Its Mini-LED backlit technology reduces the keyboard's power usage by up to 75% and extends battery life.

The Latitude 7350 Detachable is the world’s most versatile commercial detachable. Available as a sleek, lightweight tablet, the device brings together the convenience and portability of a tablet, and the performance of a laptop. Whether it’s for users at the desk or on the go, it is a power-packed device featuring advanced thermal systems to allow for faster computing. This includes the addition of intelligent, regulated thermal modes that enable up to 51% faster performance.

Crafted for unparalleled durability, the 7350 Detachable is complemented by its sleek circular design, setting the standard for serviceability as the world’s most serviceable commercial detachable. The 7350 Detachable display has a 3k resolution with ComfortView Plus to reduce harmful blue light.

The Latitude 7000 series offers a premium experience for mobile professionals. These devices deliver AI PC performance in ultra-portable form factors. The Latitude 7350 Ultralight, weighing just 0.98 Kilograms, is recognized as the world’s lightest premium commercial laptop. It includes the Dell Collaboration Touchpad, 5MP webcams and top-firing speakers providing an upleveled collaboration experience. The Latitude 7450 2-in-1 offers Corning Gorilla Glass Victus along with active pen support. Infused with optimized AI capabilities, these devices offer extended battery life up to 19% longer than the previous generation.

The new Latitude 5450, part of the 5000 series stands out for its sustainable design, featuring up to 19% recycled content. The Latitude 5450 is powered with Intel® Core™ Ultra U-series that offers up to 10% better web-browsing, video conferencing, productivity, and content creation performance than the previous generation.

Embracing Productivity with Precision

Today’s workforce requires devices that not only boost productivity but also offer seamless portability. This ensures that professionals can work efficiently from any location, and productivity is no longer limited to fixed workspaces. The new Precision 5490, delivers no compromise on performance and experience in an ultra-mobile device. It boasts a touch-enabled 14-inch InfinityEdge display with a 16:10 aspect ratio. The device features AI-enhanced updates that improve user productivity across business and industry applications. Dell has incorporated sophisticated thermal systems to manage workloads effectively.


Advancing sustainability in PC technology

Sustainability is pivotal in laptop design and production. From materials, manufacturing, packaging, and transportation, to designing for energy efficiency and recovery, Dell is working to reduce emissions and waste at every stage of the product lifecycle. Dell prioritizes the use of renewable and/or renewable materials, energy-efficient components, and recyclable packaging to minimize environmental impact.

· The Latitude 7350 Detachable has been meticulously crafted with recycled and low emissions aluminum, recycled magnesium, post-consumer recycled plastic and recycled cobalt. This laptop comes with an adapter designed with 95% post-consumer recycled plastic in the case and 98% recycled aluminum in the thermal shield.

· The Latitude 5450 has an adapter consisting of 95% recycled plastic in the case and AC inlet, along with 98% recycled aluminum utilized in the adapter's shielding and thermal module. It is shipped with 50% recycled cobalt in the batteries.

· The Precision 5490 incorporates 35% post-consumer recycled plastic in components such as the LCD bezel, cable covers, and keyboard frame, reflecting its sustainable design. Additionally, the workstation comes equipped with an adapter in which the case is crafted with 90% recycled plastic and 50% recycled copper for the adapter cable.

· The Latitude and Precision portfolios continue to be shipped in packaging made with 100% recycled or renewable content that is also 100% recyclable.


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Dell Latitude 9450 2-in-1


Dell Latitude 7450 2-in-1


Dell Latitude 7350 Ultralight


Dell Latitude 7350 Detachable


Dell Latitude 5450


Dell Precision 5490



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