Elgi Equipments evaluating on adopting Zero trust VPN technologies


Elgi Equipments evaluating on adopting Zero trust VPN technologies

Subodh Nair
Head – IT -  Elgi Equipments


Responsibilities of the CIO
The role of a CIO has become more aligned to strategy development for digital transformation. From a business enabler the CIO has become more of a business transformer. With companies realizing that change is a key factor for transformation and soon adopting them, a CIO is expected to provide critical areas for change using digital technologies. A CIO is now expected to lead the change in both culture and technology.


Key priorities for 2021
With digital transformation becoming the mantra for the success of any organization, some of the key priorities for CIO’s are centered around the following:


●   Transforming customer experience (CX) using AI & AR

●  Transforming employee experience (EX) using digital tools for handling employee onboarding, employee engagement

●   Improving product experience using IOT

●   Investing on Cyber-Security solutions

●   Adopting to best practices for remote-working and collaboration


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
Due to the lockdown and restrictions on movements, companies had to adopt flexible work policies like Work from Anywhere. CIO’s had to provide remote conferencing and collaboration tools over a secure platform. The concept of a centralized data-centre is getting diluted. Gradually, IT platforms are being moved to Cloud to ensure better availability, reliability and security. Desktop / Workstations are getting deployed from Cloud platforms to enable the users to work from their locations. Security protocols like multi-factor authentications are getting adopted. There is an increase in investments related to security platforms.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
Considering the spike in cyber security threats, we have taken a relook on the areas for IT investments and priorities. We have decided to globally have all our offices under a common collaboration and communication platform with multi-factor authentication protocols enabled. We are also evaluating on adopting Zero trust VPN technologies. There has been a need to prioritize log monitoring and analysis through SIEM and SOC services. Mobile users have to be monitored and controlled using MDM and MAM solutions. Adopting Cloud technologies for critical workloads are getting evaluated. Endpoint security has to be improved with right EDR platforms.


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