“The next great security challenge is cloud complexity”


“The next great security challenge is cloud complexity”

Anand Rao
Co-founder & CEO - AG O2O Stores LLP


Responsibilities of the CIO
The role of a CIO has drastically changed during the current pandemic. A CIO is now required to collaborate with organizational leaders to help guide digital business transformation efforts, strategies and digital capabilities and communicate mission and goals. During the COVID-19 lockdown, many CIOs have helped save their enterprises. They now have the attention of the CEO in a way they never had before. The future path of an enterprise runs through IT, and the Board and CEOs know it.


These stronger relationships give the CIOs a leverage they will need for their next big challenge of digital business acceleration.


Key priorities for 2021
The CIOs have helped save many enterprises during the COVID-19 lockdown and grabbed the attention of the CEO. CIOs have been trying to convince senior business leaders to modernize and take full advantage of technology for years. With this, many prior roadblocks have been removed. Boards of Directors have launched a large majority of enterprises on digital business acceleration. CIOs must seize this moment as they might not get another opportunity like this.


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
The biggest accomplishment for many CIOs in 2020 was a classic IT responsibility in provisioning laptops and VPN connections for remote workers and digital workplace technologies to support work from home.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
The next great security challenge is cloud complexity including shifts in workloads, new software development models, remote work and heterogeneous public cloud usage.


As information technology systems continue to become more complex in a hybrid work environment, there is a lot that can go wrong. Being able to understand and resolve potential problems is crucial to a company’s success. That is where a robust observability plan which enhances traditional IT monitoring practices to include more effective problem detection and security measures comes in. The most effective observability measures would be employing automation and expanding training, increasing visibility into application performance, cloud infrastructure, security risks and root causes of service failures.


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