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ESDS commits to presenting clients with the latest technology solutions and services


ESDS commits to presenting clients with the latest technology solutions and services

Piyush Somani
Chairman & MD, ESDS Software Solution 



According to a NASSCOM report, the Indian IT industry experienced its strongest growth in a decade, reaching $226 billion in FY22, driven by the necessity of technology investments due to the changes brought about by the COVID pandemic.  


In this context, ESDS has identified several key priorities to position its brand and drive preference for FY 2023-24. Firstly, the brand is focusing on innovation and R&D to develop cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of customers. ESDS is investing heavily in emerging technologies like AI, ML, and cloud computing to stay ahead of the curve. Secondly, ESDS is enhancing its customer engagement and support initiatives to ensure that the brand is responsive to its customer’s needs.  


Thirdly, ESDS is expanding its product and service portfolio to cater to a broader range of industries and customers. It is looking at opportunities to enter new segments and geographies while also exploring strategic partnerships and collaborations to enhance its capabilities and value proposition. ESDS is investing in brand-building activities, thought leadership initiatives and PR campaigns to create a positive brand image and drive preference for ESDS in the market. All these priorities are aligned with its mission to help customers succeed in a rapidly evolving digital landscape and create sustainable value for all stakeholders. 


Reimagining the future of the IT industry in India involves understanding the challenges and opportunities ahead. The future of the IT industry lies in innovation and digital transformation.  
ESDS is committed to providing clients with the latest technology solutions and services to help them remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. It is reimagining the future of the IT industry by developing specialized solutions for different sectors such as banking, government, enterprises, healthcare, education, finance, and e-commerce. For example, ESDS developed cloud-based solutions for the healthcare industry that enabled medical professionals to detect respiratory issues with patients, which has been particularly crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


Customer satisfaction is the key to winning their trust. The ESDS team of experts is committed to ensuring that all its customers’ needs are met and that it delivers customized solutions to match their unique business requirements. To win the trust of customers, ESDS keeps its customers informed about any updates or changes to its products and services. ESDS also provides customers value for their money by ensuring that the pricing is competitive without compromising on the quality of its offerings. ESDS also provides excellent after-sales support to ensure that its customers are always happy with the products and services. Finally, ESDS takes the time to understand the business needs and goals of customers, and work closely with them to provide solutions that are not only effective but also sustainable. ESDS Software Solutions prioritizes customer satisfaction, transparency, value, and relationship building to win the trust of its customers.  


ESDS constantly focuses on R&D and product engineering development to offer its clients the latest and most innovative solutions. Its UK, US, and recently acquired India patent for Vertical Auto-Scaling cloud technology testify to this fact. ESDS has developed a breakthrough AI and ML-based technology that allows for real-time adjustment of computing resources in a virtual machine or container environment, enabling customers to use cloud resources up to three times more efficiently.   


ESDS focuses on three main strategies to make its brand distinctive and central. Firstly, it prioritizes innovation in its products and services. By continuously innovating, ESDS differentiates itself from its competitors and becomes the go-to-choice for clients seeking cutting-edge solutions.  


Secondly, ESDS prioritizes customer-centricity in everything it does by always putting their needs first. By focusing on customers’ needs, ESDS builds solid relationships and establishes itself as a trusted partner in their success. Lastly, ESDS prioritizes thought leadership in the industry. By positioning as thought leaders, ESDS establishes itself as an authority in its field, which helps to attract new clients and retain existing ones.


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