OnCam believes in a personalized marketing strategy to build its customer connect


OnCam believes in a personalized marketing strategy to build its customer connect

Brand Positioning vs. Marketing Tactics 

Identifying a USP is ever more important in today’s B2B markets. It is no longer enough to just have a good product or service to sell. 

I believe we are seeing a shift of focus from market-level ‘disruptive’ differentiation, to a new era of more personalized, and individual differentiation. Customers are starting to question what does this brand do for‘me’ and ‘my business’, rather than being interested in claims about how we are revolutionizing their whole sector. This personalized differentiation has enabled us to build our ONVU Tech brand on a bedrock of quality and integrity that is reflected in every aspect of our brand promise. 

There is a large and growing number of people using alternative channels to become better informed, contribute to discussion and become better colleagues and citizens.We have a phrase you will often hear within any of the ONVU Technology companies, it is ‘empathy led tech’. We take time, both within marketing and at a sales and operational level to understand the issues our customers are facing.

So, when one of our customers find one of our companies, products or services that they like, they happen to tell others. So, the lesson is clear, instead of saturating the airwaves with marketing messages, we should instead be focusing our efforts proving our claims to build trust, encourage repeat buyers and grow loyal brand advocates. Our tried and tested proof points in B&B include references, customer testimonials, videos, certifications, awards, research, trials, feedback, unique technology features, product reviews and statistics etc.

Good data for a Good Brand Strategy 

There is a wealth of data at the centre of every business. It is the lifeblood of companies, delivering insights and intelligence on the company as a whole. We are becoming increasingly connected with the physical and digital worlds that are moving closer together. This is, and will continue to provide marked benefits for businesses and consumers alike. 

From a marketing perspective, we have invested heavily in an automated marketing system to capture the data fed in to salesforce and to track every time a potential customer ‘touches’ or interacts with the company. In this way, we are able to provide a more personalised level of engagement that is reflective of our brand positioning.

R&D driving Growth

Investing in R&D per-se is never going to drive innovation. You have to create climate for innovation to grow and succeed, and this means defining a core set of values which are the ‘emotional currency’ of our brand. Having these values helped us establish a sense of purpose and direction and play an important role in B2B decision-making, by creating an opportunity for our customers to connect with our business on a non-rational level. Our own culture has helped us to hire some of the most talented people in the industry and has given them an environment to do their best work.


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