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Sisters from different fathers- Twinkle


Sisters from different fathers- Twinkle

My sister and I are a year apart. I was always the giant, and she was petite. At times, we resembled Tom and Jerry, and sometimes, depending on my weight, Laurel and Hardy.


Of course, we teased each other mercilessly. As her husband likes to recount, when he first came to meet my sister, I informed him, ‘You need to know we have different fathers. My father is Vinod Khanna, and hers is Rajesh Khanna, that’s why I am tall and she is not.’


My sister was livid, though I thought it was quite funny.


But whenever I am in trouble, she is the first one by my side. She calls me every day, even if it’s to chat about mundane events. I can’t say that if life is a desert, she is my only oasis, but I know that under the scorching sun, she will definitely share that wide-brimmed hat with me, even if it’s just to throw some shade my way.


Twinkle Khanna ushered in the New Year with her husband, Akshay Kumar, and other family members at the Maldives. This was before the India-Maldives row took over the nation and several Bollywood celebrities, including Akshay, took to social media and slammed Maldivian ministers’ “hateful and racist” remarks against Indians.

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