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Lenovo aims to solve customers' critical business needs through its service-led transformation


Lenovo aims to solve customers' critical business needs through its service-led transformation

Amit Luthra
MD – India, Lenovo ISG


Lenovo recognizes the immense potential and the crucial role that technology plays in shaping the future of India.  


As an organisation, Lenovo believes in commitments  
Lenovo has announced strategic investments of USD 1 Bn in advancing AI capabilities. To further amplify and tap the potential of this technology, it is actively engaging with ISVs (independent software vendors) and start-ups working in the AI domain. By collaborating with these innovative players, the brand aims to leverage their expertise and bring AI from lab to scale.  Lenovo currently has more than 70 AI optimized products across its ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile portfolio.   


To leverage Lenovo 360 Partner framework 
Another key priority for Lenovo is educating its channel ecosystem through Lenovo 360, its global partner framework. Having understood that its success is closely tied to the success of its channel partners, Lenovo ensures that partners grow together with the brand in this journey. Lenovo’s portfolio spans from pocket to the cloud, making it the only end-to-end infrastructure provider in the industry. 


Sustainability is the key in the corporate decision making 
In line with its commitment to sustainability, Lenovo has set a bold vision to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Lenovo understands the impact of accelerated digitalization and the need to be environmentally conscious and hence, it ensures that its products are energy efficient. Lenovo as a company reduces carbon footprint of its operations and enables its customers and partners do the same through the carbon offset services. 


India is seeing a rapid digitalization. As per Lenovo’s CIO Technology Playbook 2023, 87% of CIOs in the market agree that digital infrastructure is mission critical or important to achieving business goals. Their top two priorities are achieving business agility and digital innovation, and accelerating revenue and profit growth.     
As a tech leader, Lenovo understands that it has to keep an eye on the tech trends that will shape the future and enable its customer and partners transform their businesses intelligently -  



1.     AI: With more than 84% of Indian CIOs ready to embrace AI as a powerful tool for driving innovation, India’s startup ecosystem is witnessing rapid growth in the development of innovative solutions to tackle pressing societal challenges. Lenovo has recently launched its AI Innovator program, committing over US$100 million to onboard AI-focused ISVs and startups in the Asia Pacific (AP) region. 
2.    Hybrid/Multi Cloud: A significant 78% of Indian CIOs have expressed their intention to migrate IT workloads from public to private or hybrid cloud environments. As a strategic partner, Lenovo offers reliable and high-performing Hybrid Cloud and Smarter Data Management solutions through collaborations with VMware, Nutanix, and Microsoft. 
3.    Edge: The immense potential of Edge computing is recognized by an overwhelming 97% of CIOs in the Asia Pacific region, as they believe it to be the new frontier for driving business growth. Gartner’s prediction that 75% of workloads will exist outside the traditional data center further reinforces this trend. Lenovo possesses an extensive and unparalleled Edge AI portfolio and expertise, providing customers and partners with a distinct competitive advantage. 
4.    As-a-service: The As-a-Service model has become the new reality for businesses, as highlighted by more than 90% of Indian CIOs planning to adopt this approach. Lenovo’s TruScale offering stands out in the industry, providing a unique consumption-based model that covers end-to-end infrastructure requirements, from pocket to cloud, effectively catering to the evolving needs of Lenovo’s customers. 

By strategically focusing on AI, hybrid/multi-cloud solutions, edge computing, and the As-a-Service model, Lenovo is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of businesses in India and drive digital transformation in the market.  


Lenovo aims to be a reliable partner, consistently delivering value, driving innovation, and solving real-world challenges, while also providing flexible and cost-effective solutions. It prioritizes winning the trust of its customers by focusing on several key strategies -  
Meeting the customers’ immediate needs is important, but Lenovo goes a step further by anticipating their future requirements. By future-proofing their business, Lenovo ensures that its customers can rely on its products and services as they grow and evolve. 
Bring value to Lenovo’s customers through its extensive ecosystem of alliance and channel partners. This enables the brand to offer turnkey solutions that are customizable, reliable, and best-in-class. 
Staying ahead of the curve and investing in innovation. Lenovo’s commitment to cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, hybrid cloud, and edge, all offered under a pay-as-you-go model allows it to deliver solutions that are at the forefront of industry advancements. 
TruScale as-a-service model: Lenovo understands that costs should not be a barrier to innovation. That’s why it offers TruScale, a flexible consumption-based model that allows Lenovo’s customers to access its solutions without upfront capital investment. This approach ensures that Lenovo’s customers can adopt the latest technologies and scale their operations without financial constraints. 


Lenovo places a strong emphasis on research and development (R&D) and product engineering development to stay ahead in the ever-evolving technological landscape. The brand increased its FY22-23 annual investment in R&D to US$2.2 billion, up 6% year-to-year. 

Lenovo has established 18 R&D centres and 4 AI innovation centres across the globe. By focusing on AI research and development, Lenovo aims to drive innovation and deliver intelligent solutions that enhance user experiences and drive business outcomes. These AI COE serve as hubs for cutting-edge research, enabling Lenovo to develop innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of its customers.  
Lenovo takes pride in having in-house manufacturing units, which provide the brand with greater control over the production process and enable the brand to optimize the quality and reliability of its products. Furthermore, innovation is at the core of Lenovo’s strategy. It continually strives to understand the present requirements and anticipate future needs to develop solutions that align with evolving trends and technologies. 


Innovation and customer-centricity is part of everything Lenovo does. By investing heavily in research and development, Lenovo continuously brings cutting-edge technologies and solutions to the market.  
Lenovo’s focus on understanding and meeting customer needs allows the brand to develop products and services that truly resonate with its customers. Through its service-led transformation, Lenovo aims to solve customers’ critical business needs by offering attached services, managed services and Everything-as-a-service (XaaS) and comprehensive solutions.  


Furthermore, Lenovo’s recognitions and industry accolades speak for the brand. Be it in servers, storage, supercomputers, supply chain, Lenovo is truly making an impact for not just its customers but how it conducts business. Here are some of the most recent recognitions -  


Lenovo ranked #1 worldwide storage solutions provider in the ‘under $25K’ category by IDC 
Lenovo is the #1 provider of supercomputers in the world with 162 systems, according to 
Lenovo sustains #1 position in the Green500 list for the most efficient systems 
Lenovo ranked #8 in Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 list 2023; moved 1 position up from 2022.




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