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Making security more accessible, CP PLUS stands unrivaled as a trusted surveillance partner globally


Making security more accessible, CP PLUS stands unrivaled as a trusted surveillance partner globally

Aditya Khemka 
Managing Director  - CP PLUS (Aditya Group)


The topmost priority of CP Plus is to establish a dedicated R&D Hub in India that caters to all the varied surveillance requirements locally within the country. CP Plus has investments in place to develop Hardware, Firmware, AI-Analytics, and Cloud Services, with the aim of automating the entire surveillance processes, not just for industrial surveillance but for home security as well.   

Harnessing the power of cloud computing and storage, CP PLUS is integrating more and more of its products and solutions with IoT to offer a multitude of features and benefits in a single solution. With its own IoT and Cloud platforms, CP PLUS is ready to provide a more unified and seamless experience where all the brand’s products from different categories will come under one umbrella. CP PLUS has developed one common mobile app to operate and control all its products.  

The brand’s aim is not to revolutionize technology for the Indian surveillance industry but also for reliable security seekers around the globe. With this in mind, CP PLUS is developing solutions with a myriad of features and has invested heavily to build the world’s 3rd largest manufacturing facility for surveillance products in India.   
With the production commencing in its new manufacturing facility in Kadapa in May, CP PLUS is becoming the Largest Manufacturer of Surveillance products and devices in the world anywhere outside of China.   


CP PLUS is witnessing the increased pace of digitalization, along with technology integration including AI and IoT. This is expediting the transformation and bringing in greater results, enabling the brand to create better customer value.   
CP Plus leverages this huge potential of emerging technologies to its advantage by expanding its investment to produce CCTV and thereby aims to take India to the frontier of the global platform to capture a bigger percentage of the world market. Recognizing that it is imperative to India’s economy, CP PLUS has been steadily increasing its contribution towards the research and development of AI & IoT powered as well as cloud-based solutions.  


Introducing the new range of high-performing, stand-alone security cameras ViDu, CP PLUS aims to disseminate new cutting-edge technology to every town in the country. Moreover, these cameras will be manufactured with 100% localization of the manufacturing process. Integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into its cameras, CP PLUS is now offering the advantages of cloud recording and intelligent video analytics in solutions that also have the capacity to improve their own accuracy over a period of time.   


CP PLUS, a pioneer Indian brand leading the global surveillance industry, is also leading the way to make Asia a global R&D Hub. Since the brand’s inception 16 years ago, CP PLUS has been a dominant player in introducing more relevant technologies to the Asian market. Completely designed, developed, controlled, and managed in India, CP PLUS is also producing cameras with their own chipsets especially, considering the specific requirements of the Asian and Indian markets. CP PLUS is also aligning with American Chipset makers to develop and produce special chipsets for Asian needs, which will have the CP PLUS logo on them. Furthermore, CP PLUS has plans in motion to invest heavily in R&D in India in the upcoming 3-5 years where the brand will be investing more than Rs. 300 crores with the mission of making India truly Atmanirbhar.  


The determination to take effective and dependable surveillance to every corner of the country is what differentiates CP PLUS from other brands. CP PLUS has set up its presence in every major town and city of every state across India. Additionally, the brand is now eager to help turn rural areas into intelligent, urban living spaces.  
CP PLUS is now making huge investments and opening offices to extend its reach to the US and Canada, countries in Europe, Middle-East, Africa, and even Australia. With a growing global outreach and an indigenized and dedicated R&D Hub at home, CP PLUS is well on its path to becoming the most trusted surveillance partner for the entire world, delivering much more than security but an enhanced living experience.

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