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AMD Pensando innovation CONTINUES


AMD Pensando innovation CONTINUES

Soni Jiandani 
Corporate Vice President, AMD, Co-founder, Pensando Systems


In 2022, AMD announced its acquisition of Pensando Systems, an addition to AMD’s hardware and software portfolio that expands its offerings to cloud, enterprise and edge customers with a broader portfolio of compute engines and services that can be optimized for their specific workloads.  
At the first anniversary of Pensando joining the AMD portfolio, it is exciting to see that the Pensando team has been not only able to continue its history of innovation, but can also deliver its advanced capabilities to new customers in a much more scalable way.  AMD Pensando products have over 200 customers now; as part of AMD, these customers can be supported at scale, to handle their growing demands in a timely manner.   
Not only do AMD and Pensando Systems (now the AMD Networking Technology and Solutions Group), share a very compatible corporate culture and technical philosophy, but as one company they can bring their unique strengths to play in their plans for future advancements. 


For the AMD Pensando™ team, the cloud is an opportunity to work with a range of customers—not just to sell new services, but to work with the best minds in the industry to co-develop innovative new technologies. 
Since its beginning, the AMD Pensando team has been working with multiple cloud providers, in production, and at scale.  Oracle Cloud, is an excellent example of the kind of teamwork which has allowed AMD and Oracle to work together to accelerate their software-defined networking services. The two companies have developed new solutions to power their cloud, using AMD Pensando networking technologies to deliver almost five times the performance their previous providers had achieved, with a platform that will allow Oracle to add new innovative services such as storage acceleration over time.  
AMD Pensando DPUs are also in production at IBM, helping them to accelerate their bare-metal services. And with Microsoft Azure, the two companies have collaborated to build a software-defined networking appliance that delivers 100-fold improvement in SDN connections per second, and handles millions of flows. 


This cloud experience and collaboration has logically evolved into services for the enterprise as well. The illustration highlights two ways that the power of the AMD Pensando DPU can be very easily applied to enterprise data centers.  One is in collaboration with VMware, where they have taken their hypervisor and network virtualization services and moved them to the DPU, for both better performance and security isolation; AMD is their only partner that supports both 25G and 100G connectivity. 
This is also an ideal example of where a customer can take advantage of the broad range of high-performance offerings from AMD. The AMD Pensando DPU plus 4th generation AMD EPYC™ processors deliver significance performance gains for existing VMware customers.  With this combination, one benchmark has shown application performance increasing by almost 3x, with network throughput improvement of almost 2x, compared to previous-generation vSphere, while dramatically reducing the number of x86 cores consumed by networking and security functions. 
Secondly, AMD in partnership with HPE Aruba has created a new class of networking infrastructure: the SmartSwitch, where advanced stateful network services for zero trust security are integrated into a top-of-rack switch, making it easy to deliver new capabilities into brownfield environments.  This is where the AMD Pensando form-factor agnostic philosophy for DPUs really shines, and makes it easy to develop, deliver, and integrate services into many types of environments. 


At the June Data Center and AI Premiere invent, AMD announced two very exciting products.  The upcoming new AMD Pensando DPU - Giglio, which builds on its very successful Elba processor, and provides significant power and cooling reductions, plus substantial performance improvements as well.  Most importantly, all this is delivered without sacrificing software compatibility, making it easy for existing customers and partners to adopt Giglio without missing a beat. 
AMD also introduced the AMD Pensando Software-in-Silicon Development Kit, which democratizes cloud services, allowing network developers to take their services and easily bring them into the DPU environment, alongside and integrated with its innovative network, security and other services, at a very fast pace.   The SSDK is being leveraged by partners like Aruba and VMware to combine their software assets with the advanced AMD Pensando software stack and bring a tightly integrated product to market quickly and reliably. 
Going forward, the AMD Pensando team will continue its focus on growing strong customer and partner relationships to bring more scale and efficiency to the cloud, and more services for the enterprise, and more opportunities for innovation at scale.

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