Ragnar Locker Hides in Virtual Machine to Escape from antivirus software


Ragnar Locker Hides in Virtual Machine to Escape from antivirus software

In today's evolving business landscape, innovation is the new corporate mantra for business survival and growth across entities ranging from startups to multinational organisations.


When working in agile environments, organizations may have got the right people on board, put in the right processes, but it is the technology that is letting them down. 


A recent report says that the virtual machines are being used for ransomware.


The Coronavirus has shaken up the entire service industry ,The Call Centre & the BPO’s are especially facing the heat as they never expected a situation where everything will come to a halt. In such a scenario, the work-from-home contact center is the only viable option. Home office networks are 3.5 times more likely than corporate networks to be infected by malware.


Secondly, the telco industry also put in an unprecedented situations. The service providers are hard pressed to address the growing demand for broadband while ensuring, the quality of services is not impacted by deploying OpenRAN, most cost effective and flexible and has found comparatively easier to efficiently handle the sudden surge in traffic and quality of services in these challenging situations. 


In the last few months, we’ve seen TTP used for a ransomware attack , evolve in several ways. But, the Ragnar Locker adversaries are taking ransomware to a new level and thinking outside of the box. They are deploying a well-known trusted hypervisor to hundreds of endpoints simultaneously, together with a pre-installed and pre-configured virtual disk image guaranteed to run their ransomware. It deploys virtual machines to hide itself from antivirus software.

Secondly, Technology and BFSI companies occupy more than half of the country’s office space. With the service sector increasingly adopting work from home policy and tenants looking for smaller spaces to cut costs and stay afloat amid the prolonged lockdown, the dynamics of commercial real estate are set to change.

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