“We were always on ‘being digital’ path and never on ‘doing digital’”


“We were always on ‘being digital’ path and never on ‘doing digital’”

Jaideep Khanduja
CTO - AccioMango


Responsibilities of the CIO
CIO in modern organizations cannot afford to be any less than CEO of the organization as far as thinking about business is concerned. Only then a CIO can do a full justice to his /her role and CEO’s expectations.


Key priorities for 2021
Our organization’s digital mandate was very clear right since its inception two and a half years ago. We were always on the ‘being digital’ path and never on ‘doing digital’. So, for us, it was a clear cut mandate given by our CEO right in the beginning. Like, for me, as CTO of my organization key priorities have always been - every operational process and activity has to be on cloud without any compromise with security and availability.


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
Basically, being a new age startup and our CEO being a hardcore tech savvy by heart, we did not have to face this change in a big way. For us, it was already ‘normal’ for us. Only major change that happened is that physical meetings got replaced with online meetings.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
Any organization in the world can never set and deploy one set of security measures and sleep over it. This is true for any kind of situation and environment. Security measures always need to be audited and re-evaluated in this dynamic world of technology especially when data is the lifeline of an organization and it has spread its wings to public territories unlike in those years when it was limited to controlled boundaries.


Agenda of 2021
Fast track digital transformation initiatives lacking focus on appropriate security measures witnessed compromises in terms of ransomware or similar kinds of breaches. This needs to be balanced. Second important thing is the variable pace of digital transformation of organizations, especially those related to public domains. Core meaning of digital transformation is still not clear to many organisations including large ones.



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