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Partnership, innovation, and technology: key drivers of Redington’s achievements


Partnership, innovation, and technology: key drivers of Redington’s achievements

Ramesh Natarajan 
 CEO, Redington Limited


Forecasting Technology Growth   
The nature of the IT industry has undergone significant transformation over the years, driven by advancements in technology and changing customer expectations.  Redington believes in embracing these shifts to reimagine the future of the IT industry and forecast its growth in India.  
One key trend is “uberization”, where businesses are increasingly seeking on-demand, scalable IT solutions. This shift is fueled by the desire for flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. 
Redington is adapting its approach to IT delivery with As-a-Service platforms that enable its partners to offer technology resources as per their needs. Through Redington Online and CloudQuarks, it has pivoted towards a digital business model which has strengthened its capabilities to deliver XaaS, including Cloud and a wide gamut of IT products, through an OPEX model.  With its partnership across hyper-scalers – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google Cloud - and System Integrators, it can quickly enable technology infrastructure on a subscription-based model that is accessible as an adaptive asset for sustainable development through flexible payment model. By collaborating closely with partners, Redington seeks to design IT solutions that can address different use cases. This customer-centric approach will be a key differentiator in the marketplace.  


Initiatives towards Brand Positioning
In an era of rapid evolution within the Indian corporate and SME sectors, the IT industry plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of India. Redington has identified key priorities to position its brand for FY 2023-24, ensuring its relevance and impact in this dynamic landscape.   Its approach towards ensuring relevance to the corporate and SME sectors is multifold. Firstly, the company focuses on deepening its engagement with customers, working in close association with its partners. This collaborative approach allows it to have an “ear-to-the-ground” understanding of the evolving needs and challenges faced by businesses across various industries. By actively listening to its customers and partners, it can align its offerings with their requirements, ensuring it delivers value that truly meets their expectations. Next, Redington looks to stitch together relevant solutions from the diverse landscape of technologies and services, by working closely with partners and world-class brands. It understands that in today’s complex business environment, customers are looking for integrated and seamless IT solutions that address their specific pain points.  
Thirdly, a key priority for the company is to strengthen its outreach to customers and reduce “Technology Friction”. The company recognizes that the rate of innovation in technology often outpaces the rate of adoption, leading to a gap between what is technologically possible and what is effectively utilized by businesses. Redington aims to bridge this gap by proactively engaging with its customers, providing education and guidance on emerging technologies, and facilitating their adoption journey. 
Broadly, the company has strategically pivoted its brand on three core levers: Innovation, Technology, and Partnerships. These pillars serve as the foundation of its brand positioning for FY 2023-24 and beyond.  


Building Customer Centric Roadmap     
While there is a growing awareness of the importance of digital transformation, Redington has found that the level of acceptance and readiness differs across industries and organizations.   
In one hand, Redington has “prosumers” - organizations that are proactively investing in new technologies, restructuring its processes, and fostering a culture of innovation to drive real transformation. However, it also acknowledges that certain customers may still be in the early stages of their digital transformation journey.  In association with its partners and brands, Redington looks to offer a comprehensive suite of technologies, products, services and solutions. This, coupled with learnings from use cases across a spectrum of industries, geographies and organizations provides the ideal platform for customers’ digital transformation journey.
Strategic planning with a vision
Redington’s strategy is to make significant progress towards its mission of reducing Technology Friction for customers. It will support partners with competencies and world-class technologies that complement their offerings.  Further, in 2023 and beyond, it will see maturing of its Digital Distribution initiatives. This includes the Redington Online platform as well as its flagship CloudQuarks – the Cloud marketplace. This will make Redington well placed to address the trend towards XaaS – where technology is offered and consumed as a Service.   


Optimising challenges as opportunities     
The emergence of newer technologies in the ever-evolving digital landscape undoubtedly presents enterprises with a fresh set of challenges. Redington understands the complexities and uncertainties that organizations face when adopting and integrating these technologies.  
Technological Expertise: Redington has invested in building a team of highly skilled professionals with deep expertise across a range of emerging technologies.  
Comprehensive Solutions: Redington believes in taking a holistic approach to address the challenges associated with newer technologies while offering comprehensive solutions.  
Customization and Scalability: The Company’s approach is centered around tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of enterprises and work closely with enterprises.  
Change Management Support: Redington’s offering includes dedicated support to enterprises in managing change, including training programs, workshops, and ongoing assistance to help teams adapt to and embrace the changes brought about by new technologies.  
Tech Centre of Excellence: Redington is investing in establishing CoEs (Centres of Excellence) that would incubate the latest technologies and help reduce time-to-market for its partners.  

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