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Fire-Boltt innovates and introduces newer categories to make its brand distinctive


Fire-Boltt innovates and introduces newer categories to make its brand distinctive

Arnav Kishore 
CEO & Founder Fire-Boltt 


One of the biggest strengths and focus area of Fire-Boltt is innovation. With an agile product strategy, Fire-Boltt puts a lot of emphasis on R&D so that it can constantly evolve alongside its customer’s needs and expectations.  
Fire-Boltt regularly engages with its customers and listens to their feedback so that the brand can identify the right gaps in the market and then capture those segments by innovating on first-in-segment wearables. Fire-Boltt has been continuously introducing newer categories in the budget segment out of which each category caters to a specific group. This gives a very personalized experience to the users.  
For instance, Fire-Boltt recently introduced its Luxe category which targets fashion-conscious customers who see smartwatches as more than just a tech product. For them, the smartwatch should complement their overall look and fitness is a secondary aspect. Another category that Fire-Boltt launched was for Outdoor enthusiasts, wherein the brand is providing watches with a rugged look, and features like military grade level toughness, longer battery life, etc so that the watch can withstand their pro-outdoor/adventure lifestyle. In other words, the brand has a smartwatch for everyone. From the adventure freak in the family to a fashion junkie, Fire-Boltt has got everyone covered.  


The IT Industry is shaping the future of the country. The exponential growth of this industry in the last two decades has proven to the world that India is a powerhouse of knowledge and skills. It is the backbone of India’s economy and will continue to generate millions of jobs. The growth of this industry will help India to grow at par with some of the most developed nations of the world and will help the country in grabbing the global market which will further improve the socio-economic status. 


Fireboltt constantly strives to win consumer trust by providing them with the best-in-class products at the most affordable price points. Another area of focus for Fire-Boltt is the after-sales service as it shows its commitment to customer interests. In addition to this, Fire-Boltt’s association with reliable personalities like MS Dhoni, Kiara Advani, Vicky Kaushal, etc has helped the company to gain consumer trust as they have a strong connection with its target audience.  


Fire-Boltt places a lot of emphasis on R&D as it allows the brand to continuously innovate and scale its distribution further. Today, Fire-Boltt has a team of 50+ members including engineers, product development, UI, firmware, and quality control team. In the next year, it will cross a mark of 100, and 3 to 4 % of its revenue will be going back into R&D.  


Fire-Boltt is constantly innovating and introducing newer categories to make its brand distinctive. The industry is booming and therefore, the competition is also very cut-throat. So, in order to gain an edge over others, Fire-Boltt understands that it has to be very agile and think out of the box while maintaining product quality and price points. A few months back, Fire-Boltt surprised its customers as well as its competitors, when it started introducing newer categories in the budget smartwatch segment that only caters to a specific consumer group.

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