NVIDIA univels Jarvis 1.0 Beta for building real-time conversational AI


NVIDIA univels Jarvis 1.0 Beta for building real-time conversational AI

NVIDIA released Jarvis 1.0 Beta which includes an end-to-end workflow for building and deploying real-time conversational AI apps, such as transcription, virtual assistants and chatbots.


Jarvis is a flexible application framework for multimodal conversational AI services that delivers real-time performance on NVIDIA GPUs.


Highlights of the version speaks:


ASR, NLU, and TTS models trained on thousands of hours of speech data.

TLT with zero coding approach to quickly re-train models on custom data.

Fully accelerated deep learning pipelines optimized to run as scalable services.

End-to-end workflow and tools to deploy services using one line of code.


Conversational AI is opening new opportunities in every industry, from finance and healthcare to consumer services.


This release of Jarvis includes new pre-trained models for conversation AI and support for Transfer Learning Toolkit (TLT) so enterprises can easily adapt apps to their specific use case and domain. These apps are able to understand context and nuance offering a better experience to users.


Early adopters of Jarvis include InstaDeep, a company creating virtual assistants in the Arabic language. NVIDIA Jarvis played a significant role in improving their application’s performance. Using the NeMo toolkit in Jarvis, they were able to fine-tune an Arabic speech-to-text model to get a Word Error Rate as low as 7.84%.


One of the largest mobile network operators in Russia, MTS, is working with Jarvis for chatbots and virtual assistants for customer support. With Jarvis, they saw remarkable accuracy by fine-tuning the ASR models in the Russian language and higher throughout performance with TensorRT optimizations.


Ribbon is leveraging Jarvis in their real-time communications and call processing platform to do advanced AI text-to-speech. Business and government organizations record tens of millions of calls every day, but it’s nearly impossible to search them to pull out important insights. Through Jarvis, recordings can now be turned into text so that AI tools can quickly search and analyze this data.


In the area of healthcare, Northwestern Medicine is working with Artisight to make hospitals smarter.


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