Google Maps celebrates its 15th birthday with a new logo


Google Maps celebrates its 15th birthday with a new logo

Google maps that began its journey in 2005, has now turned 15!  A helpful guide and the most reliable friend, Google maps is the most commonly used GPS tracker for all. A search for nearby supermarket or a fully fledged road trip, Google map guides us like a true guide.


To mark the momentous occasion of the 15th anniversary of Google Maps, the app is getting a redesigned icon. The old logo which was essentially an animated map with a location pin is now gone. The new icon is a location pin in Google.


The Google Maps app is also getting a slightly revised, with two added tabs at the bottom: the update adds “contribute” and “updates” tabs, and replaces the “for you” tab with a more focused “saved” tab.


The motivation behind the redesign is rooted in the more recent functionality that Google has added to Maps, like the increased focus on user-submitted content and the ability to follow other users. With the new tabs, more of those features are put front and center for users instead of having them buried deep in a side menu.


Google CEO Sundar Pichai took to Twitter to reflect on some of the ways Google maps come to his help and also have thanked the user of mapping giant to make this service more effective. In his blog post Pichai said, while he uses Google maps to get around neighbourhoods, sometimes the service comes in most handy when he is simply carving for his favourite comfort food a vegetarian burrito and is able to locate a restaurant in most unlikely places.


And hence, Pichai comprised a list of 18 restaurants in the world to create a Burrito map on Google maps!

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