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Acer continues to solidify itself as a leading player in the Indian IT industry


Acer continues to solidify itself as a leading player in the Indian IT industry

Sanjeev Mehtani
Chief Sales Officer - Acer India


Acer, as a key player in the constantly evolving and vibrant ICT industry, recognises the tremendous opportunities for growth in both corporate and SME sectors. It is fully capitalising on these opportunities by introducing a range of strategic initiatives for the upcoming years. 

Acer continues to offer cutting-edge solutions that cater to the unique requirements of businesses in India. It works closely with small businesses to provide tailored solutions that precisely meet their needs, thus allowing the brand to provide a level of personalisation and customisation that is unparalleled in the market. Having understood the need for SMEs and startups to have flexible purchasing options, Acer offers various financing options for them.  
In a fiercely competitive market, Acer has intensified its marketing efforts across multiple channels, which has helped the brand to enhance its visibility and effectively engage with its target audience.  


As the Indian IT industry continues to flourish, Acer is excited to be a part of this remarkable growth story. Acer is committed to driving growth and innovation in this burgeoning industry by investing in cutting-edge research and development. The use of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning allows Acer to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate the needs of its customers in a rapidly evolving market. 
Having recognised the true growth and success that comes from investing in people, Acer is passionate about developing and nurturing local talent in India. Through initiatives like training programs, mentorship, and community outreach, Acer aims to foster growth and innovation and ensure a sustainable ecosystem. 
Acer has been contributing directly to India’s growth story by creating a strong portfolio of products under “Make/Made in India.” Going forward, it will be adding many more products in the coming years while also exploring exports from India. 


As a customer-centric brand, Acer prioritises in building trust with its customers. It provides high-quality, user-friendly products and services that meet evolving needs. Acer’s commitment to excellence is evident in the innovative solutions it offers to the customers.  

Acer also prides on providing exceptional after-sales service through its 24/7 customer support team. Acer always values and supports its customers; it tries to address their questions and concerns and listens to their feedback to provide personalised solutions for their unique needs. Open communication helps maintain strong relationships, and so Acer keeps customers informed of the latest product and service updates. This approach has helped the brand to earn the trust and loyalty of its customers, making Acer a distinctive and beloved brand throughout India. 

The ultimate goal is to establish itself as a trusted technology solutions provider in India.  


Acer strives to stay ahead of new technologies and trends as a leader in the consumer technology sector by prioritising research and development and product engineering. Recently, Acer launched AI-based 3D imaging software and hardware that is visible to the naked eye, a testament to its commitment to R&D and future technology. In addition, it has developed a range of medical products that promote the greater good of society through the use of IT. 
Acer’s emphasis on R&D, product engineering, sustainability, and innovation allows the brand to offer cutting-edge solutions that satisfy the clients’ changing needs. 


Acer is passionate about pushing the limits of what technology can do. It sees its products as more than just tools and an extension of its customers’ lifestyles. Acer puts in a lot of effort into designing products that not only work flawlessly but also look great and feel intuitive to use. 
Acer is also deeply committed to sustainability; its Vero portfolio of sustainable and efficient products is a testament to that. Acer understands the importance of reducing its carbon footprint and is proud to offer products that are both eco-friendly and high performing. 

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