CIOs need to work on proactive mode and take initiative to digitalize every process possible


CIOs need to work on proactive mode and take initiative to digitalize every process possible

Rajeev Khade
VP - Global IT - Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corp.


Responsibilities of the CIO
In view of the business requirement (post pandemic situation) to accelerate the business process to meet the customer requirements it is very much essential that CIO’s should:


·  Take an initiative on digitalization drive across the organisation
·  Co-ordinate with various functional heads and find out how each and every process can be automated to enhance process methodology with respect to savings on time and value
·  To work as change agent
·  To act as business enablers
·  To evaluate various latest technologies and evaluate which technology will be most suitable to his organisation and thus become a techno solution provider.


Key priorities for 2021
Digitalization, Automation, Industry 4.0 are no more the buzz words in the Industry. It has become an absolute necessity as it helps to speed up the business process acceleration. The CIO / CTO have to come out of their routine task and give focused approach/working to prioritize the digital process in their organisation. They have to work on a proactive basis and take the initiative to digitalize every process possible in various functions. They have to take the ownership along with other functional heads to ensure that digitalization is being done for each and every process as far as possible. This is mainly for the reason that digitalization has its own benefits and will help the organisation to achieve manufacturing excellence.


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
Giving secured remote access to all depending upon the functional requirement.
Virtual Private Network access with double factor authentication.
Remote access monitoring to ensure that only genuine people are allowed to access. 
Alert mechanism in case of any attempt by intruders trying to enter the network.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
We have reevaluated our IT strategy to counter the external threats, for e.g,
·  Refreshing the critical infrastructure wherever required
·  Upgradation of operating systems of critical servers to latest ones
·  Upgradation of end point security to the latest version
·  Upgradation of operating systems of end point core layer devices.


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