ASUS building a strong online presence to serve customers better & faster


ASUS building a strong online presence to serve customers better & faster

Vinay Shetty
Regional Director - Component Business for India & South Asia - ASUS



Resilience and Agility through IT Simplicity
ASUS has successfully transitioned more than 70% of its business online which also include its traditional partners and distributors operating offline. And this has been one major marketing strategy shift for the company. In the current situation, since most people are online and working remotely, ASUS has turned to digital marketing. The marketing team at ASUS also assists and trains partners and sellers with the basic setting up of their respective offline business online to ensure business continuity. The brand has adopted a stronger presence online approach – on social and digital forums with an aggressive SEO and extensive influencer marketing. 

Today, the current line of offerings of ASUS have products that compliment WFH – such as Mini PCs, Wi-Fi routers with layered security, portable monitors, webcams and wireless peripherals.


Accelerating Digital Transformation
Remote working is here to stay. The meetings with stakeholders – HQ, Distributors, Partners, SI, Media and internally have now become digital meetings through MS teams. ASUS ensured that all employees have Laptops and IT support to ensure there was no disruption. It already had internal communications systems in place which made it easier to transition to work from home.

To keep employees motivated the HR also organizes fortnightly engagement programs and has a weekly idea sharing virtual meeting where everyone discusses different solutions and methods – it could be service, product based or even general.


Creating Customer Experience
The lockdown meant that the turnaround time in service would naturally go up. ASUS ensured that it sensitized its customers through social media and on its website proactively that there would be delays other than normal days during this time. The service team also ensured there were timely responses for critical service issues. In locations where there were no lockdowns imposed, the onsite service colleagues visited to resolve any product related issues. Since most of its service centres were shut, ASUS even offered and continues to offer some customers a pick-up and drop service in remote locations.


Building a Cybersecurity Defense
It is true that working from home makes one more open to vulnerability. Taking cognizance of this situation, in terms of organizational access to the information and the website for employees – ASUS uses a VPN and has a 3 layer system to access any information which would require OTPs that would be sent to the respective employee. In the unlikely situation of an employee’s system or device getting infected and opening a chance for an attack – the ASUS HQ has a system of terminating that employee’s connection to the internal system immediately.


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