Palo Alto Networks preparing its customers for the digital age


Palo Alto Networks preparing its customers for the digital age

K P Unnikrishnan
Sr. Director Marketing, APAC and Japan - Palo Alto Networks 


Brand Positioning vs. Marketing Tactics 


A brand is one of the most valuable yet intangible business assets of a company. In this era of digital and social media, brand building has acquired a new breadth. Brands today can be built and broken at an astoundingly fast pace. In addition, the brand experience must be reinforced regularly through various channels so that it remains top of mind and there is better control over how the brand is being perceived in the market. Brand building must be an on-going journey, with the right strategy to define, build, monitor, measure and protect the brand throughout.


Palo Alto Networks strong customer reference program is another example of how we are working with end users to showcase their prevention based cyber security infrastructure.We are seeing a tremendous interest in the area of cyber security as organisations seek to improve their preparedness. Palo Alto Networks is advising and helping businesses deploy safeguards around the cyber pitfalls in the digital age. Our customers are increasingly relying on a prevention-based security infrastructure with our  Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform 


Good Data for a Good Brand Strategy 


Data has become a powerful and strategic enabler for businesses. However, we are facing a data deluge from various channels. We need to cut through the clutter, and know what to look for and how to apply those learnings to business. 


Palo Alto Networks use data-driven insights extensively for our marketing activities. With predictive analytics, we are able to discern the buying cycle of prospects and build a highly effective strategy to target those who have a high propensity to buy. We track repeat purchase patterns and the lifetime value of customers, which in return, give us a pretty accurate picture of future buying behaviours. Data also allows us to predict next-best and nurturing activities to improve pipeline win rates, conversion efforts and to avoid churn. 


R&D Driving Growth


Research and development is essential in our efforts to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and help businesses prevent cyberattacks. We are constantly innovating to help our customers to continuously implement best practices to enhance their cybersecurity posture. The newly launched Palo Alto Networks operating system, PAN-OS version 8.1, and the updated version of our Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), have been designed to operate reliably in extreme environments.Combined with our Application Framework, these capabilities continue to position us as market leaders.


Since 2017, the company has not only announced a slew of new product launches but has also entered formidable tie-ups. We have entered into a global agreement with IT leaders, such as Accenture, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Proofpoint, PwC, Splunk, Tanium and VMware, and collaborated with leading service providers in APAC.

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