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Digital Strategies Focuses On Technology To Improve Business Performance


Digital Strategies Focuses On Technology To Improve Business Performance

In the age of COVID-19, we must embrace challenges and make solid decisions based on critical-thinking principles. Since, there is huge amount of increasing regulatory, client service and margin pressures has prompted a growing number of firms to seek to move to Cloud-based, shared service solutions in order to remain competitive.


While companies have been slowly moving to the cloud for years, the global pandemic has served as a forcing function for businesses to drastically accelerate their cloud adoption. The pandemic has created a premium on agility, which the cloud and associated services can provide. Rapid technology shifts lead to new opportunities for cybercriminals. As the rapid move to the cloud has likely exacerbated these challenges, companies must quickly re-evaluate their security policies for the new normal. Customers in India before the pandemic focused around on-prem deployments of critical applications and data.


A new survey revels, new data examining the top challenges and threats impacting cloud security, indicating that the ease and speed at which new cloud tools can be deployed can also make it harder for security teams to control their usage. The study further says, security incidents over the past year also sheds light on how cybercriminals are targeting cloud environments with customized malware, ransomware and more.

COVID-19 has changed the economy to be more volatile and we don’t know how or when the markets will recover. What will the business community look like post-COVID? Will people continue to work remotely, and which companies will thrive and which will crumble? Will entire industries – like cruising – buckle under the strain? How will communities deal with their struggling populations, vacant real estate, and shuttered businesses?


COVID-19 has disrupted the business world, and the “normal” of a few months ago may never return. In this new landscape, how business leaders process and react to new challenges will be crucial.


The pace of change in the technology industry has never been faster, and the emerging technology community is at the forefront of this transformation. Both AI and IoT  will have an enormous impact over the next few years and both will drive the technology revolution. AI is probably going to have the most short-term impact as it becomes embedded in almost every software system and is used in process automation to make increasingly smarter systems.


Having said that, as the businesses is rapidly moving to cloud to accommodate remote workforce demands, understanding the unique security challenges posed by this transition is essential for managing risk. As per the IDC, more than a third of companies purchased 30+ types of cloud services from 16 different vendors in 2019 alone. The Cloud Pulse Summary Q119 This distributed landscape can lead to unclear ownership of security in the cloud, policy “blind spots” and potential for shadow IT to introduce vulnerabilities and misconfiguration.

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