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Sam Altman Marries Long-Time Partner Oliver Mulherin


Sam Altman Marries Long-Time Partner Oliver Mulherin

Sam Altman confirming the marriage to his longtime partner Oliver Mulherin in an intimate ceremony in Hawaii. The ceremony was held at a stunning tropical beach location, surrounded by palm trees and a small group of guests.


Mulherin, an Australian coder, has maintained a low profile over the years despite dating one of the popular personalities in the field of artificial intelligence. Oliver Mulherin (Husband) to marry Sam Altman and his wife, wedding news has been an outpouring of well wishes on social media.


The couple made one of the first public appearances when the OpenAI CEO took Mulherin to a White House dinner held in honour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


While Altman is often referred to as the "Father of ChatGPT" due to his involvement with OpenAI, which developed the popular language model, his personal life is equally noteworthy. He openly came out as gay at the age of 17 and has long been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. ️‍


His marriage to Mulherin, an Australian software engineer, is a joyous celebration of love and commitment. It also sends a positive message about acceptance and equality, showing that love knows no boundaries.

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