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Cisco committed to help build trusted, resilient future for organizations


Cisco committed to help build trusted, resilient future for organizations

Samir Kumar Mishra 
Director, Security Business  -  Cisco India & SAARC


As the threat landscape continues to expand and become more complex, Cisco has been focusing on building a comprehensive portfolio that ensures end-to-end security for organizations of all sizes. It is continuing to invest in AI and leverage its impressive set of security offerings to protect everything that’s connected to an organization, from apps and services to end users. This enables Cisco to provide security that’s better for users, easier for IT, and optimized for DevOps, making things safer for everyone. 
Cisco has recently launched Cisco XDR, which is designed by SOC experts, for SOC experts, to simplify security operations. Moreover, it has also launched Cisco Secure Access, which combines a unique level of user simplicity and IT efficiency for frictionless access to all applications (not some) with modern security that delights users and frustrates attackers. 


Cisco’s priority is to ensure that the community understands the importance of anticipating these challenges and improving security resilience. To tackle these challenges effectively, companies must be able to anticipate, identify, and withstand cyber threats, and if breached, rapidly recover from one.  
Looking ahead, security is going to be the main driver for IT growth. As the world online grows more connected, the need for security controls and alignment to compliance regulations will essentially mandate security to be the core component to any new innovation, and the users and customers of those services will demand it too. As threats intensify in 2023, cybersecurity resilience, preparedness, and response must be at the forefront. 


Security is foundational to everything Cisco does and customers insist on explicit trust. Cisco weaves security into the very fabric of its business — securing data, processes, products, services, and employees to deliver true pervasive security and demonstrate trust every day. It is already delivering upon key tenets of its vision for security with recent innovations and its product announcements that help customers secure the edge, secure access and secure operations.  
Cisco has been around for a long time, and that has been possible only because Cisco keeps its customers first and earns their trust day after day. 


Cisco is delivering on its promise of the AI-driven Cisco Security Cloud to simplify cybersecurity and empower people to do their best work from anywhere, regardless of the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. It is investing in cutting-edge innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning that will empower security teams by simplifying operations and increasing efficacy.  
Through significant investments in cutting-edge advancements in AI and ML, Cisco is empowering security teams with simplified operations and heightened effectiveness. The introduction of the security service edge (SSE) solution by Cisco enhances hybrid work experiences and simplifies access across diverse locations, devices, and applications. Furthermore, Cisco is previewing the first generative AI capabilities within the Security Cloud, aiming to simplify security operations and increase efficiency. Moreover, new innovations across in Firewall, Multicloud, and Application Security, further deliver on Cisco’s Security Cloud platform vision. 
In addition, as Indian organizations accelerate their journey to the cloud, Cisco is investing in dedicated cloud infrastructure to bring industry-leading security services to more customers in India in a seamless and scalable manner. As a part of this expansion, Cisco is setting up a new data center in Chennai and upgrading the current one in Mumbai to offer enhanced security solutions to customers. With these new security investments and offerings, Cisco is helping build a trusted and resilient future for the nation. 


Cisco is the only provider that can holistically protect and connect customers from end to end, by meeting the customer where they are. Because of its security and networking strength, Cisco is in a unique position to be customers’ trusted, enterprise-class, advisor for hybrid and multi-cloud security and connectivity. From identity management, zero trust, workload management and protection, to DNS and remote work, with Cisco, if it’s connected it’s protected.

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