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Check Point takes pride in providing customers with the best cyber security experience


Check Point takes pride in providing customers with the best cyber security experience

Manish Alshi
Head, Channels & Emerging Technology, Check Point Software Technologies, India & SAARC


In FY 2023-24, Check Point Software Technologies is prioritizing cybersecurity skill enhancements, partner development, sales and support, and extensive research and development. It is committed to delivering innovative and reliable cybersecurity solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers. This includes investing in research and development to stay ahead of emerging threats and technologies and working closely with customers to understand their unique needs and challenges.  

As a 100% channel-led organization, Check Point is constantly expanding its partner community to support customers in various sectors in need of prevention-first security. The company is looking to grow its partner community and partner revenue in 2023 with its prevention-first security offerings and new services such as the Check Point Horizon SOC services.  


As a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, Check Point is investing significantly in research and development to develop innovative cybersecurity solutions. It is also expanding its market presence in India through partnerships with leading system integrators and service providers, which enables them to offer tailored solutions to Indian businesses and organizations.  

Additionally, the company is focused on building a strong and dedicated team of cybersecurity experts in India who have the skills and knowledge needed to provide top-notch support and services to customers.  


Reinforcing Customer Belief    
Over the last 30 years in the tech industry, Check Point has become an industry standard for cybersecurity services by offering an extensive range of consolidated products. With 5,400 dedicated employees worldwide, it caters to 100,000 organizations of varying sizes across 88 countries.  

Check Point’s solutions are based on three core principles - a prevention-first approach, gold-standard management, and consolidated solutions. Its single-architecture, intelligence-driven solutions provide comprehensive protection for customers from the data center to the cloud and all points in between. 


Being a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, Check Point places a strong emphasis on R&D and innovative product engineering to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving threat landscape. For instance, Check Point has global threat intelligence and vulnerability research teams, called Check Point Research (CPR), dedicated to discovering new malware, threats, and developing solutions that benefit customers and organizations worldwide. Check Point’s product vulnerability research team also investigates, analyzes and responsibly reports on vulnerabilities and security holes in the products and software that enterprises and consumers use every day, to help mitigate security threats and the risk of cyber-attacks globally 


As a primary objective, Check Point aims to make the world a safer place – for the community, for organisations and governments, and for the individual by making Internet communications and critical data secure, reliable and available everywhere.  

Check Point has categorized its 80 products and technologies into four main pillars - Check Point Harmony, Check Point CloudGuard, Check Point Quantum, and the newly announced Check Point Horizon, a prevention-first security operations suite. It has extended its Check Point Quantum portfolio with Quantum Lightspeed Firewalls to introduce the biggest network security revolution in the last decade. Recently, Check Point also extended collaboration with Intel Corporation to offer enhanced anti-ransomware capabilities for Check Point Harmony’s customers. 

Furthermore, Check Point has launched various initiatives and programs in India, such as the Partner Academy program and the Secure Academy program, to upskill local partners and professionals in the cybersecurity domain.  
To drive more skilled cyber security experts locally, Check Point India sponsored the CCSA/CCSE certifications for more than 100 Partner technical professionals last year and continue with this momentum this year as well, to empower its partners and equip them with the requisite skills. Check Point aims to grow its close to 200 Partner community to an even larger community, supporting customers to shore up their cyberdefences against today’s cyberattacks. 

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