Hybrid-remote work environment to be the new normal


Hybrid-remote work environment to be the new normal

Ashish Mathur
Sr. VP - ValueFirst


Responsibilities of the CIO
CIOs responsibilities have radically shifted during this pandemic era. CIOs have become cross-functional business leaders and key contributors to digital and business strategy. They also play a very important role in the boardroom now. CIOs are also instrumental in creating the digital strategy with business needs, go-to-market strategies, and implementation.


Key priorities for 2021
Because of the coronavirus outbreak, technology leaders got enormous responsibility on their shoulders, many of them took it as a challenge and supported their organisation in the pandemic. IT has become a critical and most value adding function to a business with a more active voice and strong position within the organisation.

As a biggest responsibility we (CIOs/Technology leaders) have to ensure that our organisation is on track with digital transformation plans. There is a continuous need of optimisation of digital infrastructure, networks and security to ensure the business has high levels of connectivity and can operate efficiently and securely. Now technology leaders have to move from “Doing Digital” to “Being digital” - the mindset that compels to instinctively choose digital solutions first.


Key initiatives for 2021 are:
●  Cyber Security
●  Maintaining Data Privacy & Governance
●  Providing a Perfect CX
●  Embrace SaaS solutions
●  Data and Analytics
●  AI & ML


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
For ValueFirst, it was not difficult to adopt from in-office to remote working culture as most of the employees were using laptops and also habitual of flexible working hours. It is likely that hybrid-remote arrangements will become the new normal in most of the organisation now. It is important to design hybrid-remote work arrangements that also allow for geographic flexibility and work-from-anywhere.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
Cyber/data security is always a primary focus for ValueFirst. As a part of the ITsecurity strategy, we have worked on Unified Management and risk visibility which has strengthened our security architecture. It gives us the highest level of visibility and assures the security effectiveness needed to prevent sophisticated cyberattacks.


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