“CIOs have become epic centre of organizational change due to the digital transformation need in organisations since last few years”


“CIOs have become epic centre of organizational change due to the digital transformation need in organisations since last few years”

Deepak Panda


Responsibilities of the CIO
CIOs and IT departments have always been change agents, there were more opponents to the technological change then supporters earlier. But the situation has significantly changed, CIOs have become epicentre of organizational change due to the digital transformation needed in organisations since the last few years. Due to the market disruption and competition, CIOs become indispensable change agents for management. At the same time, CIOs have to work as “Chief Influence Officer’s” roll to influence the leadership on business benefit part of a technology adaption by speaking the business language without the technical jargons.


Key priorities for 2021
The turmoil of 2020 has taught the CIOs to re-evaluate the IT operation in terms of creating a digital only kind of work place. 2020 should undoubtedly be named as the “year of digital” because, even the organisations never thought of being digital were forced to transform their approach. All the CIOs shouldered a lot of responsibilities to make their organisation afloat during the pandemic, the entire focus was changed towards organising a collaborative digital work platform keeping all innovations and new initiatives on hold. In 2021, more focus would be to make the previous year’s slow transitions back to normal and balancing the remote and in-person operations.


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
No company has remained untouched by COVID-19! Whether they implemented safety measures or not, almost all of them either have completely transitioned to remote or hybrid workplace. The new normal would be “the digital readiness of all organisations, regardless of the organisation’s size, capacity or location”. It is time to go for an end to end digital transformation, it is time to set up cloud based infrastructure and a unified communication platform because now everyone has identified that remote working is essential and sustainable. We should be ready with an environment to switch between remote and in-person operation as and when needed.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
As almost all the organisations in existence have adopted at least partially remote operations, securing critical information is a major concern of all CIOs in the current situation. There is a need for re-evaluation of IT security strategies to protect the confidential/critical information from the platform that we hurriedly adapted when the lockdowns started everywhere.


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