Sysnet Global Technologies adapting platforms which are API enabled, aware and API able


Sysnet Global Technologies adapting platforms which are API enabled, aware and API able

Virendra Vishnu
VP - Digital Transformation - Sysnet Global Technologies


Key priorities for 2021
An organisation in technology services and sales as well as in the process industries, manufacturing, automotive, education is preferring to wear a digital cloak to showcase them to the peer groups as if they are with the times. But in reality, “being digital” and “doing digital” is picked up for a morale boost for the business and its business teams. As being digital and doing digital is taken as an expense; be it the business-as-usual situation or the global pandemic, those who are trying new technology adoptions and failing fast as well as learning fast are the organisations which are  beating all the odds in these challenging times in true sense.


Organisation mandates are there to transform but either expecting too much and too fast which may not happen so it has changed the IT leaders’ position to a much challenging posture due global pandemic and expectations of the business that IT leadership can bring adaptable solutions in no time as well as within budget.


One of the examples is RPA which is no brainer for doing digital. Being digital a few years ago on RPA adoption and now doing digital using RPA is giving benefits to late adapters as RPA platform is getting democratized and affordable both.


RPA as SaaS model offers no risk of capex or opex sinking, return on investments are positive and offers a transformation road visible to one and all in the organisation but the story is same as cloud from doubtful past to de-facto, so it would be true for RPA, IA, AI etc.


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
Work from anywhere is bringing more cost savings and productivity and other challenges too but this is a new normal which is a win-win for both employee and employers, so it is the time to adapt the new normal for pandemic. RPA on the cloud has given a SaaS platform as an example for the work from anywhere as well.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
We are adapting the platforms which are API enabled, aware and API able. This is a new normal for the integration of applications like ERP, CRM, IT Service, HCM and given conformity to the seamless integration of data flow and workflow to achieve business results.


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