Re-evaluating IT strategy in short and medium term became necessary considering the faster go-to-market for change and security


Re-evaluating IT strategy in short and medium term became necessary considering the faster go-to-market for change and security

Kripadyuti Sarkar
VP – IT -  Rupa & Company


Key priorities for 2021
Like most of the Indian mid-market companies, we at RUPA, were in the mode of “Exploration” and “Doing Digital” stage at pre-COVID era of 2019-20. In post COVID scenario with “No Employee Physically at Work” for more than four months and 60% of the entire retail customer base in the premium purchase category shifted to digital platform, has forced us to elevate to “Being Digital” stage in almost no time.


As a Group CIO, I am focusing on following priorities to serve being a digital organisation.
●  Customer engagement ambitions to create instantaneous value for customer to help sales
●  Total, Comprehensive, rapid, cost effective and agile transformation
●  Build centralise digital asset with smaller scope but rapid release


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
There are two stages of preparations for IT change that CIO’s have taken to tackle the “New Normal”. First Stage or initial stage is more towards enabling workforce to operate same efficiency level from remote with following change

●  Bulk use of VPN software to enable then surely connect to office LAN seamlessly
●  Enabling all web application that has huge target user base to mobile app Second Stage is with more long term objective towards making the workforce more equipped with IT application utilities like:
●  Introduction of BOT in every aspect of IT application where user does the bulk manual entry without any critical decision making
●  Desktop GUI (like SAP) based application made available in mobile through FIORI enhancement so that business transaction can be made on the go
●  Peripheral application integrated with Enterprise Core so that centralised analytics can be drawn


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
Change is inevitable and it has been since civilization started, but the rate of change or slope of change curve with time is very stiff now. It is almost perpendicular to the time axis. That means CIOs have to be vigilant and agile to adopt this run rate. But the focus on the security aspect is increasing exponentially and the threat knocking on the door with each change that we are making. The business around the dark web market is growing at the speed of light. It became more necessary to re-evaluate IT strategy in the short and medium term considering the faster go-to-market for change and security.


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