ESDS extended SOC services to its remote workforce to take care of immediate security risks


ESDS extended SOC services to its remote workforce to take care of immediate security risks

Dr. Rajeev Papneja
Chief Growth Officer - ESDS Software Solution


Key priorities for 2021
I remember the days when the headlines of certain magazines read that the role of CIO is over. Ironically, decades have passed and the role not only stays intact but has become more powerful and more transformational. “Being Digital” dictates the CIO’s to once again have a shift in mindset from what was required in the last decade of “Doing Digital”.


While moving to an ERP like SAP was part of Doing Digital, moving to SAP HANA and combining it with AI/ML technologies and data from IoT devices, performing advanced real-time analytics resulting in real-time decision making, improved efficiency and customer experience to increase sales could be viewed as a part of Being Digital.


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
Since this was a different kind of work-from-home situation, our HR team had to be more active to make sure the staff stays motivated and healthy so as to perform optimally. Managers took the initiative to modify the KPI’s of their team members to make the team comfortable while sailing through the crisis.


Daily webinars have become a new norm where various departments are sharing their new initiatives and achievements amidst lockdown which is serving as a great knowledge exchange mechanism and assisting in cross-skilling of resources. More or less the policies have been designed in a way to keep the staff on similar routines as they were while working from office, so that when the time comes to start coming to office, no one should experience a cultural shock.   


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
As part of the strategy the basics need to be kept in mind that everything finally boils down to people, process and technology. Each of these aspects need to be revisited to secure the digital infrastructure of organizations and its workforce. Since ESDS already provides SOC as a service to most of its customers from its own SOC, we treated the remote workforce as our customers and extended our SOC services to them to take care of immediate security risks as part of transition. Being ourselves a cloud services company, we were very agile and quick to embrace various cloud based solutions for enhancing our security stack. All our systems had SSO implemented and we are making sure that going forward every system has dual factor authentication at minimum.

SOAR, SIEM and endpoint management tools are playing a critical role in making our security landscape robust. We have changed certain policies to make it more stringent, for example increasing the frequency of Penetration testing, and as part of a long term strategy embracing DevSecOps as part of increasing automation to tackle the threats at an early stage.


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