Adoption of SaaS model at its peak to manage the technological risks


Adoption of SaaS model at its peak to manage the technological risks

Naseem Halder
CISO - Acko General Insurance


Responsibilities of the CIO
We believe technology is such a domain which is changing every second. Technology lovers are trying various combinations and permutations to improve the performance of their tech-stacks. Being a CIO and technology leader we should always look for the edge to improve the performance and sustainability of the technology platform of the organization.


Key priorities for 2021
Set aside a few minutes for the pandemic, if we are not being digital, it will be a slow poison to our business. Regardless of industries, if the technology stack is not providing the finest experience to the customer, we will lose our good customers, only the bad customer will be there with an additional customer acquisition cost. Technology leaders must look for the tech-enabled services to support the business agility with adequate data security.


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
Every organization and business has their own way to run the show, therefore the adoption of changes is a bit different for each and every organization. But the adoption of cloud tech-infra services and technology services are a boom, especially the SaaS model to manage the technological risks.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
Nowadays business equations are changing rapidly and today’s digital business synergies are opening up unknown risks.  Implementation of cutting edge security solution (i.e, SASE) can provide some short and medium-term advantages, but to solve it from the core and protect the crown jewels, build a data security orientated culture and employees are aware of data security threats.


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