Accenture promises to contribute $25 million for pandemic relief efforts in India


Accenture promises to contribute $25 million for pandemic relief efforts in India

Accenture has promised to contribute $25 million (about ₹185 crore) for pandemic relief efforts in India. In a blog post on LinkedIn, Rekha M Menon, Chairperson and Senior Managing Director of Accenture in India said that this is an addition to the company’s ongoing investments in people and communities.


She also added that local and global efforts are already underway including providing ventilators, oxygen concentrators, and medical kits.


"Accenture stands in solidarity with India. We have made a fresh pledge of USD 25 million (about ₹185 crore) for pandemic relief efforts in addition to ongoing investments in our people and communities... Additionally, we will be augmenting existing hospitals with beds and ICUs and setting up portable hospitals," she noted.


Rekha who also holds the position of the Chairperson for IT industry body Nasscom said that Accenture is also engaging with the government to support vaccination camps and provide local language call-centre support.


To support its over 2,00,000 employees and their families in India, the company has built several resources including 24/7 telemedicine, care-at-home services, enhanced insurance coverage, virtual childcare, mental health support, and support for testing and vaccinations.


"Across the globe, our people have expressed their support and are getting involved. In addition to their time, they are also donating funds, and Accenture will match 100 per cent of our people's contributions for COVID-19 relief efforts. Sharing gratitude for our ONE Accenture family - the 5,37,000 people standing with us every day," she said.


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