Prysm synonymous with Innovation & Delivering Better Customer Experience


Prysm synonymous with Innovation & Delivering Better Customer Experience

GB Kumar
Vice President, APAC


Prysm is leading the creation of high-impact, immersive experiences with Prysm LPD 6K Displays powered by Prysm software. It delivers wow-worthy presentations and collaboration sessions on an expansive, bezel-free display. The 6K resolution, high contrast ratio, and interactivity will capture the audience and make them feel like they are immersed in the content, and not remain just passive participants.


Prysm's new line of LPD displays include the largest interactive, single-panel display, and eliminates the concessions required with other video walls. Available in a stunning 190" or 135", it excels as a solution for digital signage, up-close interactive use, and everything in between. Its rollable screen means it can be installed in a wider variety of spaces for maximum impact.


LPD 6K displays are available in 135” and 190” sizes which are completely seamless and bezel-less with very high resolution and contrast ratios. The immersive and vivid experiences remain consistent throughout the long lifetime of the product.


The common use cases are Board Rooms, Customer Experience Centres, Command & Control Centres, Retail areas and Private Theatres.

A Superb, Content experience - Prysm software engages the audience by bringing together all of the content, tools, and applications on a single digital canvas. There is no need to swap from one tool or application to the next, as it is all available at the fingertips.

Unify disconnected tools, apps, and content - There is also no need to toggle between apps again. With Prysm, the user can share content, tools, and applications side-by-side on a single digital canvas so the big picture can be quickly seen.

Actively collaborate with remote team members - One can also collaborate with remote team members by getting past the hurdles with video conferencing and screen sharing. Prysm lets all meeting participants view and interact with the same content simultaneously.

Streamline the way work flows – The user does not need to stop collaborating when the meeting ends. Prysm projects can be accessed from any device or Prysm-powered display — before, during or after a meeting – and continue working one left off.

Brand Strategy starts with the Partner-led experience

Prysm is synonymous with delivering best-in-class immersive story telling experiences for Executive Board Rooms, Customer Experience Centres, Command & Control Centres, Executive Briefing Centres, Innovation Rooms and other collaboration spaces.
Prysm elevates the brand experience of the end customers by enabling them to tell their story in a unique, engaging and immersive fashion. This is true whether it is in executive board rooms or customer experience centres. Using the Prysm visual workplace software on the immersive touch enabled LPD 6K displays is extremely easy. Prysm software seamlessly integrates with Skype for Business, Cisco, Polycom or Lifesize video conferencing thereby providing investment protection.

On Prysm Digital Workplace, the content stays intact and persistent even after the sessions and on any display device. Hence, the last-state content can be accessed from any device, any location and at any time since Prysm digital workplace is a cloud based secure solution.

The Prysm brand inspires reliability, functionality, leading-edge and customer orientation. Prysm extensively trains and works through certified partners for achieving consistency in customer satisfaction across all the global locations.

Research & Development - the core of Prysm’s success

Prysm has been a Research and Development intensive organisation right from the beginning, 13 years ago. Prysm invented Laser Phosphor Display technology for which it holds 300+ patents. Prysm owns the Hardware, Software, Manufacturing Process and customer support/satisfaction. This has led to very high level of predictability in Prysm’s products, solutions, implementation and maintenance approach. Some of the tools such as RMS (Remote Display Monitoring), Display Uniformity Algorithm, remote software monitoring, Updates etc help in reliable and predictable outcomes for the customers.

Enterprise customers such as Global Enterprises, IT Enabled Services companies, Fortune 500 Indian companies, Conglomerates, Banking & Financial institutions, Manufacturing, Automotive etc have benefitted significantly by deploying Prysm Digital Workplace in their organisations.



Route-to-Market Strategy

Prysm believes in 100% partner-led approach unless very few global end-customers who are keen for direct engagement. Prysm has recruited Inflow Technologies as its exclusive distribution partner for India. Besides, it operates through a number of Gold, Silver partners for addressing the enterprise market effectively.


Prysm works closely with its partners for arranging Demos to end-customers in Prysm and/or partner owned CECs in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. It encourages end customers to experience the product and solution before making the buying decision for Board Room, Executive Briefing Centre, Innovation Centre or Training room solutions.


Prysm aggressively recruits Audio Visual and Collaboration Solution focused partners who believe in transforming the enterprise experiences and elevating the end-customer brands by providing the best-in-class visual, story-telling experience.




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