Kingston successfully transforming its challenges into healthy customer relations


Kingston successfully transforming its challenges into healthy customer relations

Vishal Parekh
Marketing Director
Kingston Technology India


Brand Projections 2019
Kingston is a market leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing memory products for desktops, laptops, servers, printers, and Flash memory products for PDAs, mobile phones, digital cameras, and MP3 players. For over three decades, Kingston has been the memory brand that customers choose to power their datacenters. It has successfully positioned itself as a lifestyle technology brand and the world's largest independent manufacturer of memory products.

In the times ahead, Kingston plans to combine one of the most extensive and stringent testing processes in the memory industry. In addition to that, this year Kingston aims at enhancing its business plans with special focus on after-sales service at its core. Besides, its channel partners will continue to play a key role in sustaining and expanding the brand’s presence in the country.


Transforming Customer Journey

Kingston, for over three decades, has been the memory brand that customers choose to power their datacenters. It has always made the niche segment in focusing on after sales service. With new strategic partners for service and a healthy communication model, Kingston foresees to have a positive response from not only the customers, but also the channel partners.


Action Plan

At Kingston, several key advances like 3D NAND Technology in SSDs are actually propelling the demand for flash storage in a price sensitive market like India. With DDR4 RAM setting in the mainstream market, it is also a technology to look forward to.

Kingston has grown to be the largest independent memory module manufacturer in the industry. Its commitment to using the highest-quality components and 100 per cent testing makes Kingston memory the most reliable in the market.

Kingston considers that customers and channel partners are essential elements to fuel its ambitious business endeavours. Due to the volatile, unpredictable nature of the Indian market, in spite of facing austere competition, Kingston remains an undaunted brand due to the relentless efforts of its channel partners.



New Tech vis-á-vis R&D
Kingston always ensures that it does not compromise on the budget and affect the service. Kingston has also developed one of the most stringent and trusted testing processes in the memory industry. It makes continual investments in the world-class manufacturing facilities it operates throughout the world. However, with the upcoming technology, where it is at a boom always, Kingston tries its level best to upgrade the R&D section. Kingston has always undertaken the important step to ensure memory reliability is to screen memory components thoroughly and guarantee only the highest-quality components are used.


Name of the Founders :
John Tu/ David Sun
Headquarter : Fountain Valley, California 
Year of inception : 1987

Interesting Facts :
• Kingston is the only brand to offer “Lifetime Warranty” for all RAMs, SD cards and microSD cards
• Kingston has more than 95% market share in secured USB solutions
• DRAMeXchange reports that Kingston  owned 68.53% of the DRAM market share  in 2017
• DRAMeXchange reports that Kingston owned 23% of the SSD market share in 2017  (in Channel Market)
• HyperX shipped more than 5 million headsets, fastest in the industry

The path-breaking products/solutions from last FY: 
Kingston UV500 SSD, which are affordable SSDs with encryption

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