UiPath — Committed to democratizing RPA


UiPath — Committed to democratizing RPA

Rajesh Kumar
Vice President and Head of Marketing - India

Brand Projections 2019

The strategy and message at UiPath for the year is the ‘Automation First’ approach at the board level. As most enterprises are into the mid of their digital transformation journey, RPA comes in as the biggest catalyst to jump-start their transformation.

The mission of UiPath is to accelerate human achievement by freeing up humans from doing mundane repetitive tasks using robotic process automation. As data complexity and cognitive technology evolves, this happens in phases by software robots emulating humans, then assisting humans which UiPath calls as humans with robots, and then augmenting humans which is about human and robots working with combined intelligence. While RPA itself is founded on many disciplines of AI, the future of RPA is converging with ML, AI, blockchain, and many other emerging technologies used within the enterprise.

The UiPath brand is built on five core pillars that also form the building blocks of its platform/ product roadmap and business strategy. The five core pillars represent the five principles that define UiPath: open platform, rapid results, path to AI, scalability, and security.


Transforming Customer Journey

As an organization, UiPath has always had customer experience as its top priority— from the time it had less than 100 customers to now when it has more than 3500 customers. One element of this has been the institutionalizing of the customer success team, a dedicated team that manages the customer’s RPA journey to success. Notably, this team does not carry any revenue target; they are solely measured on customer satisfaction scores and NPS.

With the rapid convergence of RPA with ML, AI, blockchain, and other emerging technologies, UiPath’s role extends to be the customer’s partner in their digital transformation journey.  


RPA Action Plan

UiPath has a direct sales force that meets customers to drive RPA awareness, identify use cases, conduct proof-of-concept exercises, and then handover the implementation to channel partners. UiPath is 100% focused on channel partners. Ingram Micro is currently the national distributor. UiPath India has a set of over 65 boutique partners who specialize in RPA. The channel ecosystem is being developed to include other types of partners such as value partners, training partners, and ISV channel. Besides channel partners, UiPath also works with the global SI and consulting organizations as its strategic business partners.

With more than 3500 customers and strong partner ecosystem, UiPath is advocating an Automation First mind-set. The Automation First era is clearly defined by three principles - having a robot for every person, continuing the open and free collaboration, and having robots that are adaptable to learning new skills.


New Tech vis-á-vis R&D

UiPath has the target of creating one million automation trained people by 2022 globally. Since inception UiPath has been having a free community edition. Besides that, all UiPath training is available free online.




Name of the Founder : Daniel Dines, Marius Tirca
Headquarter                : New York City (NY)
Year of inception         : 2005
Interesting Facts :
• UiPath was valued at $7B on the back of $568M Series D funding on April 30, 2019. This makes UiPath
   the AI company with the highest valuation in the world.
• With a total funding in excess of $1B, UiPath is  also one of the fastest growing enterprise software
   company in history. Revenues grew 25X and  valuation grew 64X in 24 months (April 2017 to
   April 2019)
• UiPath hosts the world’s largest community in RPA-  400,000 users across 200 countries. UiPath’s
   worldwide customer base includes 8 of the top 10 Fortune 500 Global and over 50 percent of the top
   50 Fortune 500 Global companies.  

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