PULAK TARAFDER, Vice President- IT & CIO - McNally Bharat Engineering Company



Digitization extends reach of  an organization

Commitment as a Tech Head  
We went through the multiple phases. Initially we focused on Operation Excellence. In the next phase we Overhaul Talent, especially leadership quality. In the third phase we concentrate on execution and building the strong Information framework. We initiate innovation then.

Experience Cell
We are little bit choosy in this area. If we feel we need to adopt the new technologies and it is beneficial for us in long run, we often hire expert on that technologies to implement a new sample solutions and in the said process we train our team for the same. People can gain experience and eventually have the chance to become effective technologist. We believe giving people the opportunity to associate themselves with the experts to adopt the new technology and gather knowledge on the subject. 

Key Priorities
When we talk about the development of technological strategies, form policies, plan budgets, and manage resources etc., the exceptionally important part, perhaps the most vital role is keeping information on growing technological trends and forming investment priorities in the world of information technology. A well maintained infrastructure, ERP, Project Management tools and Design and Engineering Management solution in place in our organization. 

Adaptability to Organizational Changes
Digitization in organization extended the reach of organizations, improve management decisions, and speed-up the development of new products and services. Our Design & Engineering Management, Commercial transactions, Quality Management, Project Management are all digitized and readily available to the right person at right time.

Investment Plans for FY 18-19
Apart from modernizing existing ERP, Project Management and Engineering Management systems and reskilling for technical and soft skills, linking between technological innovation and organizational performance, business alignment, security and business technologies are also our priorities.


For any emerging technologies, sometime is required to get it stabilized. It means new technologies which are relevant to our industry, gives us sufficient time before it gets stabilized and hence we have sufficient time to build the skills and framework for adopting the same. Moreover developing skills for all relevant new technologies may not be a good choice for us.


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