“Digitization is autonomous, it does not require ‘doing digital’ for ‘being digital”


“Digitization is autonomous, it does not require ‘doing digital’ for ‘being digital”

Archie Jackson
Sr. Director, Head IT & Security - Incedo Inc.


Responsibilities of the CIO
CIOs are multi-disciplinary now, they are CMOs where they influence the organisation’s brand and reputation, they are the CDOs where they in parallel work upon the digital transformation, they are the CISOs to protect the organisation’s critical data from being compromised. The role has transformed to a very strong impactful responsible role.  


Key priorities for 2021
Digitization is autonomous, it does not require ‘doing digital’ for ‘being digital’. The surroundings will change and to sail through, the organisations have to adopt ‘digital’. However, to succeed and be competitive, it is essential to be the leader in such initiatives. Some of the basic but important initiatives are cloud adoption, mobility, intelligent security that must not impact the business performance.  


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
There have been primarily three focus areas, one - availability of resources at remote and mobile locations, two - accessibility to all business applications and resources with minimal impact to performance or productivity and three - making the entire remote operations secure from threats. Therefore, proactive asset arrangement, right applications deployment and proactive threat hunting tools had helped manage this change.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
There isn’t a re-design of the IT or security strategy as it was already a part of the roadmap. We are at Gen VI of threats and security by far must be embedded in any and every architecture be it infrastructure, application etc. by design and not reviewed once the design is complete.


Agenda of 2021 
The pandemic has brought in the VUCA  realisation and that honours the priority of environmental and mental health. While the digital strategy gets a boost it is equally important to create more opportunities for the future.


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