Alankrita Sahai fought against three robbers and saved herself


Alankrita Sahai fought against three robbers and saved herself

Alankrita Sahai was robbed at knifepoint by three men on Tuesday at her home in Chandigarh. She was robbed and assaulted at knifepoint by three men at her rented accommodation in Chandigarh.

Sahai horrifiedly said, “Three men forcibly entered my house and they stole items worth ₹6.5 lakhs as well as cash. It was the most cruel act… I was attacked as they held a knife to my neck, they tried to strangle me, had their hand on my mouth and had pinned me against the bed. They hit me on my back, neck and forehead. They verbally abused me and threatened to kill me.”

Recalling how she managed to escape from their clutches and ask for help, the actor says she that there was a moment when they all were out of the bedroom and that is how she locked that door and then herself inside the bathroom.

“I then called my caretaker Rajesh who was downstairs, who eventually called the cops. But in the meantime the robbers started breaking down the doors and the windows. I held on to the door as they tried to break it down. I did my best to save myself and fight them off. I fought against these robbers and saved myself. They would have killed me,” she said.

The former beauty queen, who is in Chandigarh for an interior designing project that she’s working on, reveals that one of the guys among the robbers had done a complete homework on her. Sahai said that the only thing which makes her feel good about the situation is the fact that she was brave. 

While her family has come from Noida to be with her, Sahai says she didn’t immediately tell her parents when it happened.

“My parents are traumatised. I didn’t inform my parents the same day because I was too traumatised myself to speak to anyone. I was with the cops the whole day and then I had to undergo a medical examination as well to make sure that all the marks and scratches on my body were taken care of. I didn’t want to trouble my mum and dad the same day because I was devastated with the whole situation. By the time I could call them, they found out and they are here with me now,” Sahai said.


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