“Going digital is the new normal and has become mainstream now”


“Going digital is the new normal and has become mainstream now”

A Shiju Rawther
Chief Information & Technology Officer - CARE Ratings


Key priorities for 2021
Customer experience is now clearly at the heart of digital transformation, and digital is at the centre of that customer experience. A CIO is the employee of any organization behind today’s digital transformation initiatives and as well as their approach will decide the future innovations.  


But they face a continuous challenge to use the latest technologies and keep on inventing new IT innovations to make the entire business process agile. CIOs are carrying the major responsibility of driving technological change. Those who are not willing to take the challenge to transform their business processes, always carries a risk of becoming an ordinary player in their industry.


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
“This pandemic has taught us a lot of things which will now become a part of the new normal.” The importance of technology cannot be overstated. Making solutions and customer deliverables tech-dependent is the way forward. A sure-shot way of achieving a lot in this space is by connecting with customers online and catering to their specific requests in line with their current needs.


As CARE Ratings is a technologically driven company, it was able to leverage technological solutions to ensure the continuity of business. Going digital is the new normal and has become mainstream now. “It is technology which shall shape mankind thus focus on AI/ML framework, next-generation UI/UX is indispensable for envisioned and scalable ecosystems.”.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
IT security is implemented in 3 different layers. We have tightened the perimeters, since that is from where one can get inside our network. Multiple technology solutions at all layers have been implemented to prevent any external / internal threats. We keep monitoring the network traffic pattern, the security operation center which runs 24*7 so that anomalies can be captured immediately to take action. Another aspect is the internal threat. The activities of people need to be monitored very closely. We use data analytics internally to observe the changing user behaviour patterns.


There is also a robust Data Leak Prevention (DLP) system implemented. The DLP solution is implemented at 3 layers – at the email gateway, at the internet gateway and on end points - so that there is no way the data can move out of the systems. Encryption of data at rest and data in motion is implemented to ensure no one has visibility of data


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