Raveena doesn't respond to trolls, cut them away from her life


Raveena doesn't respond to trolls, cut them away from her life

Raveena Tandon has opened up about 'negative people' in the film industry. The actor was talking about dealing with social media trolls when she noted that there are some negative people in Bollywood as well. During a recent interview, she pointed out that some of them have become producers as well and make actors 'dance to their tunes'.


"I like the reach that we have with social media. I think it is a boon and yes it can be a bane sometimes with these negativities and trolls. But we have been dealing with them forever, as far as we actors are concerned. We have been dealing with them through various publications as well. There are a bunch of some really negative people, some of who have become producers and are making actors dance to their tunes. Although such people are still around, I kept away from them then and continue to do so even now," she said.


"I don’t respond to trolls. I just cut them away from my life. I think that is the best thing that one can do. One should stay around positive people who think and mean well for you and are good people themselves," she added.


Raveena revealed that she managed to wrap her work commitments, ahead of the restrictions imposed in Maharashtra. She said that there was some dubbing work left which she completed. She added that she was supposed to fly to Goa for an awards show but decided to cancel it.


"At the moment, it’s so risky, we should actually try and help our frontline warriors, the medical facilities and infrastructure. The chief minister is requesting to try and break the chain of cases. That’s the most important," she said.


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