Cybernetyx aims to educate its customers and Delivers value for a better outcome


Cybernetyx aims to educate its customers and Delivers  value for a better outcome

Ramya Chatterjee,
CEO – Cybernetyx



Cybernetyx is a global leader in interactive technology. The company’s flagship technology EyeRIS is being used in millions of devices by display giants such as NEC, ViewSonic etc. This year, the company has introduced a whole new way of collaboration in business and education.  


For businesses, Cybernetyx has introduced Thinker, Thinker Connect, Thinker View and Thinker Hub to offer optimal video conferencing & collaboration solutions with MeetEQ AI technology.  Perfect for professional meetings, the Thinker series devices work equally well for personal meetings too.


For the education sector, Cybernetyx has designed hybrid classroom devices that enable teachers to conduct face-to-face and virtual classes, simultaneously. These devices, named Galileo One, EyeRIS One, EyeRIS Pro, Spark Panel and Quriosity are powered by Kneura, an Intelligent Education platform with cloud connectivity that enables educational institutions to impart live and virtual classes at the same time.



Crafting  the  product  persona  for  customers  is  the  most  important  aspect  of  marketing. Cybernetyx spends time drilling into who its customers are and what they look for.  It identifies the core pillars and builds them, defines the essence of the brand, adds its promise, besides defining the vision of the product.


The focus of Cybernetyx is to educate customers, address their pain points, solve their problems, and provide them value in their regular tasks to derive better outcomes. Deploying advanced technologies like AI and ML, we embed data into our mainstream thinking and business strategies and further translate it into positive business results. This year, the medium to reach out to people is focussed on digital marketing through different forms of content like video, AdWords, content marketing, infographics, and social media marketing.



Continuing the vision of 2019, Cybernetyx started the year 2020 with great enthusiasm but the pandemic brought the whole world to a standstill. Overnight, the onslaught of COVID – 19 deviated people from their long-term set goals. 


Cybernetyx however witnessed a surge in the demand for its products that offer industry-best video conferencing, with or without touch interactivity and whiteboarding tools. 


Its hybrid classroom has also gained a huge popularity in a very short span of time with its online and offline modes at the same time.  Though the delivery of its products got halted due to logistics and transportation related bottlenecks during lockdown, the stakeholders always showed their trust in Cybernetyx. This boosted its confidence further.  



Today, when everyone is counting heavily on video conferencing / Live tutoring / cloud-based collaboration to continue learning, data security and privacy features built into the educational apps are of utmost importance. Cybernetyx’s platform is secured with a 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protection key, implemented in its software and hardware to encrypt sensitive data and the connection is made over a secure network – Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).


Cybernetyx has also added an additional layer of security to its Kneura Platform. Besides the company is GDPR compliant and transparent about how users’ data is used and protected. It collects the personal information that is needed to provide the service or product, with the permission of users. 



Relying on technological strategy that once worked wonder is no longer an option for companies that aim to stay ahead in the competition. To simplify the R&D activities of the company, Cybernetyx has centralized all its research and development activities in its Bangalore centre to gain maximum synergies across all its products and pipeline programs and simplify & reduce back-office processes.   


Complementing the Digital India initiative, Cybernetyx has undertaken Education ICT projects under the Smart City plan. In 2019, the Rajasthan Government installed more than 5,100 EyeRIS IWBs from Cybernetyx in Government schools. The Government of Gujarat installed the Cybernetyx EyeRIS solution in nearly 4,100 classrooms as a part of the Gyan Kunj project. 


The Intelligent Education Platform, Kneura and all its devices in the education vertical including EyeRIS series and Galileo Series are developed by its Bangalore team. Going forward, Cybernetyx is also planning to develop & manufacture its Enterprise products in India too.




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