Huawei to revolutionize the wearable segment with Watch GT2


Huawei to revolutionize the wearable segment with Watch GT2

Huawei Consumer Business Group has announced the ‘Notify Me’ option for the upcoming Huawei Watch GT2, the new smartwatch in the wearable category. The interested customers can register themselves on ‘Notify Me’ at The watch will be available exclusively on Amazon and Flipkart.


After the worldwide overwhelming success of Huawei’s first Watch GT, the brand announces the availability of its upcoming Huawei Watch GT2 exclusively on Amazon and Flipkart. As per reports, India has become the third largest wearable market in the world. Along with ear worn products playing a contributing factor to the wearable market, wrist worn products have also had a significant uptick in demand.


The announcement follows the launch of Kirin A1, the chipset which was announced in India earlier this month will lay the foundation of seamless smart life for the consumers. Huawei Watch GT2 is the first product powered by the chipset which will be launched in India early next month. Powered by this revolutionary chipset, the watch is the first step towards ushering India into building a cohesive ecosystem of the wearable category.


Huawei is focussed on consumer centric meaningful innovation and has been consistently bringing out technologically path-breaking products that resonates with consumer’s needs, wants and aspirations - Watch GT2 is a testament to the brand’s legacy. The upcoming watch will have path breaking features and is powered by the world’s first chipset, exclusively launched for wearables – Kirin A1.

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