Brightstar India (a Softbank Company) Making itself and its customers ready for the future


Brightstar India (a Softbank Company)  Making itself and its customers ready for the future

Sanjeev Chhabra
Managing Director 
Brightstar India


2019 – Unfolding

The basic tenets of Brightstar’s strategy are innovation led, agility driven, business focus and efficiency-based customer centric approach. Its strategy assists the company in providing quick response to changing business situations, service orchestration focused on business outcomes, optimize and enhance operational efficiency. On top of it is the human touch that endures to strike a long-term relationship with stakeholders at various levels.


Brightstar’s go to market (GTM) is always in line with the vendor. It adds value by bringing to table its distribution expertise. This has yielded results in acquiring valued partners and getting preferred vendors. 


Brightstar India launched a consumer facing state-of-the-art internet of things (IoT) camera product. This is an innovative product for technology savvy people. Under its iconic brand Beetel, the company came up with GSM fixed wireless phones. This is a product which is exclusive to Beetel. Again in emerging technology solutions, Brightstar partnered with OEMs to launch VCaaS (video conference as a service), SeCaaS (security as a service) and Wi-Fi as a Service.   


All these measures enable Brightstar to develop concrete points of differentiation.


Transforming Customer Journey

For Brightstar India, it is not just to understand and address customer pain points but also to foresee the future. It has a talented team which consists of people from diverse backgrounds, experience and different countries who provide Brightstar with new and creative ways of problem solving. The core objective here is customer delight. 


Brightstar India strives to provide a superior experience to its channel partners, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and retail customers by addressing each element of value chain. For instance, Brightstar partners will now have access to gross ledger, business done month-on-month (MoM), billing details, payment updates etc. This information can be accessed anytime and anywhere by its partners. 


Brightstar’s B2B customer segment consists of enterprises of all sizes, government organization and armed forces. Regular communication and meetings with customer unravel business insights that forms the core of experience driven economy. 


Beetel brand has a PAN India presence and a high brand equity. 70+ Beetel service support centers aid in providing an unmatched customer experience for all product ranges, be it its trademark landline phones or cutting-edge internet of things (IoT) based products.  


Brightstar has also acquired 60+ customers in cloud solutions within a short time span of 14 months. Herein, Brightstar offers end to end experience from proof of concept (PoC) to installation to after sales support (with own call center). In distribution, it is also now offering SDWAN solution, analytics, loggers and so on. This shift from product to experience helps the company in charging a premium as well. All this makes the company stay ahead of the curve and be a prominent player in this shift.



Digital Business 

Digital business has led to creation of new industries and new age companies. Brightstar being a SoftBank company has access to these latest technologies and companies. Some of these companies have shown exponential growth in the past few years. Its key priority is to align with these companies, and develop a joint go to market (J-GTM) plan. This will provide these companies a trusted name in distribution space which has a PAN India reach and for Brightstar these will be new lines of revenue. In long term this alignment will become a key differentiator for the company.


Action Plan 

Brightstar is the market leaders in audio-video (AV) space and landline phones category. For 2019, its goal is to provide enhanced value proposition and further strength this leadership position. 


Brightstar India is a pioneer in networking domain. It provides last mile connectivity services to major Indian telcos, while its SDWAN solutions are used by enterprises of all sizes. This is a result of innovation seeds laid down in the past decade. 


To be a part of the Indian consumer growth story, Brightstar has ventured into cinema, speakers, accessories and security & surveillance segments. In these business segments, it has its plans in place to develop a sustainable competitive advantage that will make both OEMs and partners stick to it. For future growth, Brightstar wants to test uncharted waters in new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence.


“In this digital world, the era of AI, IOT and Cloud is unravelling which will transform & evolve human life at a pace unseen  on this planet, ever before. Our future as an organisation depends on our ability to embrace this change and evolve to be a part of this futuristic ecosystem.  

Brightstar is partnering with the technology leaders in the enterprise, networking and cloud space to be a part of this revolution to enable technology solutions for the virtual and connected world of the future. Additionally, Brightstar continues with its legacy business under the brand “Beetel”. I would say, that the market has a lot to expect from Brightstar and the future will be very exciting. 

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