Actifio looks to positioning itself as a leading player in the DaaS space


Actifio looks to positioning itself as a leading player in the DaaS space

Ravi Kollipara
Vice President & Country Manager 
Actifio India



Transforming Customer Journey
The foundation for Actifio’s customer success begins before any IT organization or company becomes a customer. Its solution architects work with enterprises to scope the right Actifio solution to serve the targeted use cases for their applications’ data and the service level agreements (SLAs) they want for those applications.

The Actifio Global Services team then deploys that custom-defined solution in alignment with customer needs. Before the implementation process is completed, the Actifio solution will be demonstrated to show it is meeting all implementation goals. Simultaneously, the customer team will access free online Actifio University training or optional live Training Courses.

Actifio uses a number of critical remote access and reporting capabilities that allow the Customer Success team to see exactly what’s going on in the customer’s systems. The team then tailors their approach to their environment – whether it’s helping with a standard software updates or troubleshooting. 


Security Roadmap

The year 2018 was significant for data virtualization and DaaS vendor Actifio. It raised $100 million in venture capital to help scale its vision of comprehensive DaaS offerings. Actifio’s engineering efforts and ecosystem alliances are more closely aligned to help organizations boost their data confidence in the complex multi-cloud, DevOps, and heterogeneous database world.

Actifio presents a formal security layer as well as a common sense means to manage potential vulnerabilities. This is one way to impact the span of protection required. Once that surface area is reduced, it suggests a look at technical standards and special security compliance attributes.

Actifio can also be used as reference point in time.



Action Plan
In 2019, in conjunction with its global OEM with IBM, Actifio will be leveraging their brand and reach to extend key marketing and branding strategies.

All Actifio geographies share an emphasis on high-credibility content based on real customer success.  For instance, APAC marketing/branding campaign highlights cost savings and actively engages regional channel partners. 


The Actifio marketing /branding messaging is aimed predominantly at the following titles and roles -
•    Business and IT Transformation Leaders: CIO’s, VP Ops, VP Infrastructure
•    IT Operations Teams: DBA’s, Backup Administrators, Data Center Managers
•    Actifio is ramping the targeting of Application and DevOps teams, as well as Data Scientists and CISO’s -- particularly in conjunction with its growing IBM partnership --  to allow them to leverage the Backup budgets to drive their initiatives.



New Tech vis-à-vis R&D
Driven by new services, lower costs and on-demand/pay-per-use operational models, enterprises are increasingly operating in hybrid and multi-cloud environments to accelerate time to market, agility and increase efficiency. Applications and data are distributed across multi-cloud environments and need to be seamlessly protected, managed, moved and accessed anywhere. Copy data, making up an average of 13 times the size of production data, was already a massive problem on-premises, and has now exploded in the multi-cloud environments.

Actifio announced Actifio GO is the industry’s first multi-cloud-centric solution to address not only the need to contain copy data sprawl and reduce storage costs, but also meet the scale, speed and data transformation requirements across multiple cloud platforms, while delivering the low-friction cloud experience. Actifio GO accelerates customers’ time to go-live by up to 17x, by eliminating the need to deploy and manage Copy Data Management software, by requiring no on-premises storage, and with a no-risk free trial, pay-per-use model and no lock-in — not even to Actifio GO. 



Brand Projections 2019

Actifio, the leading enterprise Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) software provider, finished a strong calendar year 2018 that included major growth milestones and rapidly increasing adoption of its application-centric, cloud-agnostic, hardware-independent platform.

As 2019 begins, Actifio continues to differentiate from the competition as more data-driven organizations are modernizing their legacy infrastructure-oriented data management strategies and implementing hybrid and multi-cloud approaches that begin with getting control of their data. Actifio accelerated its growth and achieved several major milestones to carry its momentum forward into 2019 -

  •     It surpassed the 3,500 mark in global customers across 38 countries
  •     Announced new alliances with technology leaders such as IBM, Fujitsu, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure, as well as adding numerous new resellers and service providers around the world
  •     Introduced the most comprehensive cyber resilience solution on the market, Cyber Incident Recovery solutions, in partnership with IBM and integrated with IBM Resiliency Orchestration software
  •     Actifio Sky now offers the broadest range of support available — across Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, VMware Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud — while protecting customers’ existing investments with hybrid and on-premises solutions for VMware, HyperV, Nutanix, Linux, Windows, AIX, HP-UX and Solaris
  •     Hosting its annual global user and partner conference, Data Driven 2019 in Boston (June 18-19), drawing over 500 participants (customers, partners, prospects) from enterprises with a combined market value over $2 trillion.


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