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It is waving on Internet that Facebook may soon introduce a ‘Watch Party’ like feature in Instagram. Reverse-engineering specialist, Jane Manchung Wong spotted the code for a similar feature in Instagram. As per her tweet, the feature might be called ‘Co-Watch’ and like Watch Party, it will allow people to watch videos on the platform together with their friends.

According to an online published report, the code that mentions that users may be able to check out ‘Suggested’ video from Instagram. The new feature may also be able boost the popularity of IGTV. IGTV was unveiled last year and introduced  long-form, vertical videos from popular Instagram creators as well as regular users.

Instagram has already introduced IGTV Previews last month in a bid to boost the popularity of the service. The meant that users will be presented with short, 1-minute IGTV video previews from the creators they follow on Instagram. Users will be able to see these previews before they decide to go and watch the complete video on IGTV. Users can tap on the video previews to enable audio and if they want to watch more, they can tap the IGTV icon on the video to watch the full version on IGTV. Users will automatically return to their Feeds after the video finishes. Those who want to explore more videos on IGTV can swipe up while watching the video they tapped on and discover other content on the app.

Facebook Messenger's Co-Watching is like Facebook's Watch Party but in Messenger Instagram's Co-Watching is like Facebook Messenger's Co-Watching but in Instagram Direct report said.

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