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CERT-In issues warning regarding 'High-Risk' vulnerabilities in Android


CERT-In issues warning regarding 'High-Risk' vulnerabilities in Android

The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) which operates under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India has issued a warning regarding ‘high’ security risk vulnerabilities in Android. CERT-In stressed upon the fact that these exploits have the potential to allow attackers to gain sensitive information and execute arbitrary code on the user’s phone.


In Android versions 11, 12, 13 and 14, these vulnerabilities can be found. This implies that even if one has the latest Android version, the user is not exempt from these risks.


CERT-In highlights that multiple vulnerabilities exist within the framework, system, arm components, and MediaTek components, Unisoc components, Qualcomm components, and Qualcomm close-sourced components.


In order to safeguard the device, users need to have Android “Security patch levels of 2024-02-05 or later to address all of these issues.” So, when the OEM of the device releases the update, simply download the latest available update.


 These Are The Vulnerabilities Affecting the Aforementioned Android versions


CVE-2023-32841, CVE-2023-32842, CVE-2023-32843, CVE-2023-33046, CVE-2023-33049, CVE-2023-33057, CVE-2023-33058, CVE-2023-33060, CVE-2023-33072, CVE-2023-33076, CVE-2023-40093, CVE-2023-40122, CVE-2023-43513, CVE-2023-43516, CVE-2023-43518, CVE-2023-43519, CVE-2023-43520, CVE-2023-43522, CVE-2023-43523,CVE-2023-43533, CVE-2023-43534, CVE-2023-43536, CVE-2023-49667, CVE-2023-49668, CVE-2023-5091, CVE-2023-5249, CVE-2023-5643, CVE-2024-0014, CVE-2024-0029, CVE-2024-0030, CVE-2024-0031, CVE-2024-0032, CVE-2024-0033, CVE-2024-0034, CVE-2024-0035, CVE-2024-0036, CVE-2024-0037, CVE-2024-0038, CVE-2024-0040, CVE-2024-0041, CVE-2024-20003, CVE-2024-20006, CVE-2024-20007, CVE-2024-20009, CVE-2024-20010, CVE-2024-20011.

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