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Dell Technologies lives by its commitment of driving growth through technology


Dell Technologies lives by its commitment of driving growth through technology

Alok Ohrie 
President and Managing Director , Dell Technologies India


Dell Technologies creates technologies that drive human progress. Over the years, Dell has been instrumental in changing the digital landscape across regions. Dell is among the world’s leading technology companies helping to transform people’s lives with extraordinary capabilities by providing a vast portfolio of products and solutions, across edge to core to cloud, helping businesses drive optimum results.  

Dell’s Partner Program also plays a pivotal role in achieving success and delivering excellent customer experience. Channel partners have always been a driving force behind Dell Technologies’ business growth, strengthening the entire ecosystem, providing significant results and a plethora of opportunities to thrive in the subsequent years. Dell has committed to grow this further by enhancing partner experience levels and building efficient services led go-to-market strategies, aided by new incentives and distribution support across regions. Dell also offers a vast portfolio, all across edge to core to cloud to help businesses drive optimum results.   


The IT industry in India has been one of the most dynamic and rapidly evolving sectors over the last decade. As the industry evolves and new technologies emerge, there are many areas where India can play a leading role. The future of work is evolving, and as working in a hybrid world gets normalized, technology rather than physical workspace, will define employee experience. There will be a rising end-user expectation to seamlessly connect people to people, as well as to the data, applications and services they care about. After all, from building culture and driving innovation to serving customers, technology is the fulcrum of progress. 

Over the next few years, Zero Trust architecture and cybersecurity will become the foundation for a new level of data security and trust, in a highly distributed multicloud world where everything is connected. Dell is certain that innovation and technology will drive significant progress going forward.  


In today’s world, trust is defined by consumer expectations and measured by how well a brand delivers on the promises it makes with its products and services.  

Dell Technologies takes care of the following things to keep the trust alive amongst customers – 
The brand listens to its customers via social media command center to understand their requirements 
It invests in understanding customers better by providing insight-based communication, leading to better customer experience 

It understands its customer’s aspirations to be able to create programs that will be aligned to their requirement 
Dell’s marketing initiatives are customer-centric and aimed towards adding value to the ecosystem. Its after-sales service offerings also allow the brand to build the trust amongst customers.  


Driving innovation is a key priority for Dell Technologies. It has globally invested over $12.8B in R&D over the past few years, which has helped the brand become a leading end-to-end IT solutions provider.  
The R&D center in India contributes 60% to Dell’s overall server system management software. It adds towards a full cycle of innovation on Dell’s enterprise future-ready solutions: Storage, Server & Networking. Some of the cutting-edge technologies designed, developed and launched by the center are NVMe-based RAID and Open Manage Power Centre.  

Having filed over more than 100 patents in the last 4 years, Dell’s renowned engineers and distinguished technical team members, along with its highly experienced team of designers and developers work towards understanding the evolving needs of the customer.  


Dell believes in an agile approach to innovation that leverages the brightest and most creative minds across its strategy, technology, business, research and design teams. Its IT organization, Dell Digital leads its digital transformation journey. Built on its own solutions, Dell Digital is reimagining how the brand does business to meet ever-changing needs, driving innovation and creating a cultural shift throughout the company. 

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