Salesforce layoff wave continues around US


Salesforce layoff wave continues around US

After Salesforce began laying off 7,000 workers or 10 per cent of its workforce as announced earlier last month, several of its employees came to know on February 3 about them being fired.


4,000 users have vanished from Salesforce's Slack channel within the last two days, according to reports. In San Francisco, the layoff round hit 258 workers, affecting "sales and customer service", "technology and product" and "general administration", according to another report.


As workers bid adieu to their Salesforce 'ohana' and placed "#opentowork" filters on their LinkedIn profiles, layoff posts flooded the job site from across the US and around San Francisco on Thursday.


In Ireland, 200 of the company's 2,100 employees received their notices.


Earlier, in a letter to employees, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said that the environment remains "challenging" and our customers are taking a more measured approach to their purchasing decisions.


"With this in mind, we've made the very difficult decision to reduce our workforce by about 10 per cent, mostly over the coming weeks," Benioff wrote earlier this month.


Affected workers will get at least roughly five months' worth of pay, health insurance, career assistance, and other perks in the US to help them through the transition.


"Those outside the US will receive a similar level of support, and our local processes will align with employment laws in each country," said Benioff.


The company had 73,541 people on its payroll in early 2022.


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