Dr. Vijay Choudhary, Chief Technology Officer, HRH Group of Hotels


Dr. Vijay Choudhary, Chief Technology Officer,   HRH Group of Hotels

‘Technology is like a growth-engine to an organization’

Commitment as a Tech Head

The CIO as a custodian of information of the entire organization is involved in most of the details of information. Now as the role of CIO requires the flexibility to work with new business models, the CIO should continue to embrace the requirement of new skills where technology has to play a key role in strategy formulation and execution. One person in the Board who can connect all the dots is of course the CEO and the second who can assist in big way is the CIO; the most eligible who understands demand and supply metrics of organization where he is attached with both the top to bottom line and playing the pivotal role in Business and Technology Alignment. The CIO is the one whose DNA is to have multitude of business skills based on solid technical foundation.

Experience Cell

The only solution to people skill deficiency is to derive industry specific training plans which should run across the organization as well as within the IT department. For example we are in the hospitality industry, so what we first provide is training to our IT team to make them understand the Hospitality industry and then align IT skills for our business requirements. Also by creating internal mentors for new team members, they are acquainted with the learning quickly and deliver faster.

Adaptability to Organizational Changes

The CIO should act like a Global CIO to see the world as a market. As a custodian of information for a Global Organization he can ensure its reliability and security by having information/knowledge of different country’s regulations, processes and compliances.

As the CIO/CTO, my priority is to invest in the technology directly affecting Revenues. The other priority would be to control cost ‘Capex’ by adopting Cloud based services, consolidation of existing infrastructure for cost saving in long run, and exploring ways to reach to new customers by eChannels so that the market reach is improved. We are also exploring ways to adopt IoT, Big-data, BI Tools and better connectivity solutions.


Technologies are emerging daily and we need to see Cost v/s ROI in long run with respect to the training of manpower so that new technology can be consumed optimally. In the Travel and Hospitality industry, we are observing major uses of emerging technologies like AI, IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data and Robotics. Along with it the priority is Data/web Security and Data privacy that are serving as the main business priorities.




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